gifts2I’m old, so there aren’t many things I “need” anymore. But for Holiday 2016, here are a few ideas with “real people” appeal. Stuff I bought for myself this year. Not necessarily “retro” or “renovation” oriented, but hey. Note: All the links in this story are affiliate links.

catanWhat is more classic than family and friends sitting around the kitchen playing board games? This Thanksgiving, we were introduced to Catan. It was super fun — I adored it! And when I got home, I bought the whole getup, the basic set and a bunch of the extensions. 

Link: Catan 5th edition

Plus, there are are extensions to add 5-6 players … to add Seafaring real estate … and more.

I am also kind of obsessed with playing Connect 4 right now.

nespresso-milk-frotherI bought this for myself and LOVE it. I’m calling it “retro”, because I spent my college junior year abroad, 1979-1980, in Madrid, Spain. There, they put steamed milk in their morning coffee. Steamed milk makes your coffee all that more delicious. When I visited my brother this autumn, he had one of these Nespresso milk steamers, so I bought the same kind. I’ve been using it daily since October and yummmmm, my coffee is betttttttter than ever.

Link: Nespresso Aeorccino Plus Milk Frother

nespresso-makerOkay, so my brother had the Nespresso maker too, so I got one. For my afternoon espresso. I also buy the pods for the espresso online.

Link: Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker and espresso pods

vitra-george-nelsonI bought one of these classic George Nelson ball clocks for my brother and sister-in-law as a housewarming gift. It’s beautiful. There are other colors, too.

Link: Vitra Men’s George Nelson Ball Clock

Theo Chocolate Organic Sea Salt 70 Percent Dark Chocolate

theo-chocolate Chocolate bars are cheaper by the dozen, and apparently this dark stuff — organic, free trade, non-GMO too — is good for you!

Link: Theo Chocolate Organic Sea Salt 70 Percent Dark Chocolate Bar, 3 Ounce — 12 per case


Okay, so this next one, I don’t have. But it intrigues me. As I mentioned at the outset, I am old. This could actually be quite useful.

Link: KINGSO LED Motion-Activated Glow Toilet Bowl 8 Colors and there are other such designs too

More gift ideas from some other blogger-friends

Merry merry, happy happy, everyone!

  1. Diane in CO says:

    I have the same NESPRESSO machine and milk frother and it’s my FAVORITE toy!!! I love it! Makes coffee AND expresso and I do both depending on my mood. I am not indulgent in such gadgetry, normally, but my friend had one and I got hooked. It’s wonderful when someone drops by to offer them a Latte!
    I heartily endorse the product; I also order VertuoLine capsules online – ordering enough to get the free shipping — and recycle them in the special bag and return the bag to Williams Sonoma store or drop it at a UPS store for free mailing.

    A Christmas must at our house is to order cases of the BEST olive oil in the world (Storehouse, Ina Garten fave) in various kinds and flavors and give as hostess gifts rather than a bottle of wine or send an order directly to family far away. It’s the best gift, consumable!

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Ideas: As an early Christmas present, DH and I bought each other a Retro-styled Daewoo microwave in cherry red, Much cheaper than the Big Chill or Smeg models.

    We would have got the toaster, too, but they weren’t selling as US. model that I could find, and my experience with European/American electric plug converters is that they don’t work with the heat-producing appliances, such as hair dryers, so I decided not to try importing one. Instead, we got a nice Black and Decker retro-looking one.

    As for the lighted toilet seat, I thin it IS retro. I have seen them as far back as the 1970s in some high-end homes. Back then, I was also in a home with a heated toilet seat as well as an acrylic one that contained the bills and coins from a businessman’s first day’s profits. (Think of the frame on the store wall with “The First Dollar I Ever Made” under glass, but in the bathroom instead.) It was a little tacky, and by that I don’t mean the heater melted the seat.

    1. Genevieve says:

      I have that same microwave in black! It is a good alternative if you don’t want to spend more than $100 and still want the retro look.

  3. Vaseydaisy says:

    I do want to point out that any pod coffee makers are pretty terrible for the environment. Not to mention end up being far more expensive per cup of coffee than any other kind of coffee maker at home. Luckily an option to help with his came out and there are reusable pods available now. You just fill with coffee and go! Significantly reduces the waste produced for only a little effort! Isn’t our planet worth that?

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