1950s U-bild Santa Lawn SetUploader now CLOSED. How did you retro-decorate this holiday season. Here’s your chance to show off: Continue to our famous uploader, a dandy 1-2-3 tool to share your photos. [Uploader now closed – come back Friday, Dec. 15 – Sunday the 17th for another chance to share your photos. Above: I think I learned about Mike’s U-Bild Santa set — still available today — from a previous uploader.

  1. Landon Pelt says:

    Oh, my gosh! The customizable cat stocking and mcm house ornament from Zazzle are my designs. I have never seen my work in the real world before. Thank you, Wendi, for uploading. You made my month. And thank you, Pam. I’m so happy right now!

  2. Holland VanDieren says:

    I looked at each and every picture, loved them all. The decorations and homes say so much about their owners — wish I could be friend and neighbor to you all!

  3. tammyCA says:

    So much fun to look at everyone’s decorations. 🙂
    I’m swooning over Erika T.’s home (oh, how I would love a built in book shelf like that!)..just so lovely.
    And, the poster who owns the green Light up mini MCM storybook house..precious! Did somebody make it?
    The pastel office..dreamy!
    All the handmade putz houses & campers..darling!

  4. Diane in CO says:

    Wow! So many gorgeous and creative decorations; I loved seeing them all! But, whoever made the turquoise/red/white WREATH with the matching elf/pixie hugging the silver star (caption: “another kitsch”) is a talented artist! Well done! I believe that’s my all time favorite wreath…. hmmmmm Red, turquoise — Pam is that yours? 🙂

  5. Wendi says:

    Landon, thank YOU for designing cool stuff that fits my new (old) house! I was looking all over for a tree ornament that could commemorate the new house, but all the ready made ones seemed to either be too Victorian, or they said “our new home”… and since I am single, that didn’t work either. So yours was perfect!

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