Win a new old stock Plan-A-Room Kit from designer Paul MacAlister’s personal collection

Update: Entries now closed. I’ll announce the winner shortly.

I scored a bunch of New Old Stock Plan-A-Room Kits designed in 1956 by designer Paul MacAlister — all from his estate. My sets have provenance! You responded to my story so here you go: All this week, a chance to win one. But: I’m going to make you work for it. I am taking a break from the blog this week to continue to faux bois paint and glaze the dentil molding and all the other wood trim in my living room and dining room, all part of my Mahalo Lounge transformation. To win: Guestimate how many dentils there are in my living room/dining room.

The dentil trim in my living room / dining room:

detnil moldingWhat is dentil trim molding? It’s those little square pieces — “teeth” — nailed onto the other trim. The man who built my house for his family circa 1951 put each of these dentil pieces up himself. His family told me that when he finished his corporate job each day, he would come over to this house and put up dentil molding. It took… forever. We love the dentil molding (and all our wood trim) — given the long expanse of ceiling, the dentils give the beams a bit more graphic oomph.

dentil molding In the photo above, you can see all four beams and three of the four walls. There’s one more wall “behind me”. Each beam has dentils (dentilia?) on both sides — and then, there are dentils all around the perimeter.

dentil moldingAbove: Don’t forget the dentils on the fireplace! (Hi, Astro! Seriously, he never wants to miss a thing.)

No other hints. Hey, you think I’m making this hard for you? I must count them for real! Even “worse” — Denise and I must faux bois them — four coats on each one of these 1″ pieces — and up into the molding above them — yes, they actually are nested in, or tucked into, a little “tunnel” of wood molding — to complete the process.

How to win the Plan-a-Room: 

  • Leave a comment below with your guess on the number of dentils on the ceiling trim and the fireplace, one number in total. 
  • One guess only per person.
  • If there are multiple winners, the person who commented first will win.
  • Same as above if there are two or more folks who are equidistant (above/below) from the correct number.
  • I will contact the winner via their email provided — they have five business days to respond to my email — if they do not respond in that time, I will return to step #1, rinse & repeat.
  • Terms of use apply, read ’em.
  • U.S. and Canada residents only.  

The set is fresh in its New Old Stock box:

plan a room kit paul mac alister plan a room kit paul mac alister

What’s your guess — leave it in a comment below — be sure your email address is correct. 

Contest closes Sunday night, Feb. 25, around 10 p.m. 

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