Schwinn Grey Ghost bike — limited edition reproduction

Just out: Limited Edition Schwinn Grey Ghost Bicycle, available at Dick’s Sporting Goods. My quick search on the google puts these at 1971, and very collectible found original in the wild. Thanks to reader Roach C. for this hot ride tip! Link: Limited Edition Schwinn Grey Ghost Bike at Dick’s.

  1. Julia says:

    I remember staring in the window of the Schwinn bike shop when I was a kid. They were too expensive for my family. I had a purple Huffy with a flowered banana seat.

  2. Joe says:

    Anyone who was a child in the ’50 had a Schwinn at some point.

    Why do they call it a “sissy bar?” I don’t like the word “sissy.” I was called that all the time when I was growing up before the serious bullying started.

  3. Debi says:

    Oh, I wanted a bike like this so bad! My older sister and I got the usual girl’s boring Shwinns, but my little sister got the way cool purple Sting-Ray with the banana seat and high handlebars. I was soooo jealous! And she didn’t even know how to ride it properly- that bike was meant to be jumped and raced and put to the test! No wonder I grew up to be a mountain biker!

  4. Neil says:

    I hear ya bro.
    Now me…I only hand hand-me-down and cast-off bikes.
    No worries; it suited my sissy nature to get out me paints and tart them up to suit my evolving taste; even painted the tires on a couple of them.

    But then, some of the gems that came my way were “girls” bikes, with the downward swoop instead of the more butch, horizontal top-tube between my legs. A dead giveaway….. that inspired much more vivid epithets than Sissy, from the other little boys.

    But that was balanced by my pleasure in riding a piece of personal art. And you should have seen the look on one boy’s face when I didn’t back down from his “chicken!” challenge, met his bike head on at 90-miles-an-hour, and he went flying into the ditch. I rode away content (and astonished at myself) on my prettified wheels.
    (raises a paint-stained fist….Sissy Power!)

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