Is this the first Mamie Eisenhower pink washer dryer made since … 1957? Could be!

Home Depot is rockin’ the retro these days. A few weeks ago, the little retro Magic Chef refrigerators. It’s where you can easy-peasy get our Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart laminates. And now, Catalina has spotted this cutie patootie pink – yes, Mamie Pink! — compact washer-dryer combo unit. 

Catalina writes:


Not sure if you’ve seen this, and it’s not vintage, but it’s cute and could be a great option for some people.

It’s a new pink compact washer/dryer unit! Not that many reviews on Home Depot’s website, but the feedback seems good. I’m not very familiar with the brand, do you know if it’s any good?

Thanks for the tip, Catalina. Mamie Pink in a laundry appliance! That may be the first since… about 1957, as far as I know!

I don’t know about quality, and actually, I am not keen on comments that give reviews because I don’t know who may be legit. My favorite source for reviews is Consumer Reports, because they are independent…

That said: Mamie Pink!

Hey, wanna get this color on your existing washer and dryer? How about Mamie Pink spray paint — you can get it now. See this story.

Link love:

  1. la573 says:

    Good having a pink laundry machine available again! I like how this machine can be set up for either vented or ventless (condensation) drying. If you have the usual 4″ dryer duct to the outdoors, by all means use it – you’ll get faster, more complete drying. If you don’t have one, you can switch it to condensation drying. This usually involves sending extracted water down the same drain as the washing machine, but this one is set up for sending extracted water into a internal plastic bin that can be emptied regularly. I’m not sure if it also gives you the regular drain option (most do). It fits in shallow spaces. The spin speed of 1200rpm is quite good for water extraction during the wash cycle. It’s apparently sold under three brands including Equator that’s been around awhile.

    This machine runs on a 120 volt, 15 amp power supply, a boon to apartment dwellers who may only have access to standard US household outlets, but it also allows access to only 1/4 the electricity as a standard US dryer which runs on 240 volts and 30 amps. The unsurprising result is that drying takes a long time – the manufacturer’s website states about 90 minutes, and that’s on top of 50 minutes in the wash cycle (which also takes longer due to less power for the internal water heater). I would have preferred a 240v option, much as the both the separate 24″ washer and dryer I have now, which are quick and work extremely well.

  2. Chrissy says:

    This would look great in the closet off my ‘56 GE pink and teal kitchen with MAMIE PINK COUNTERTOPS!
    I wish I could add a picture!

  3. la573 says:

    BTW, Frigidaire made pink washers and dryers through 1965 according to what I read online, which is about when most appliance manufacturers dropped this color. No combo W/Ds, but they did offer a choice of vented or ventless full size dryers. The 1960s Frigidaire ventless dryers were the last big condensation dryers made; they’re rare, and sell for new-appliance money the few times they show up on eBay.

  4. Scott says:

    The link to Home Depot doesn’t seem to work and I didn’t have much luck with Google or the HD website.

    Best Buy however seems to have a suspiciously similar looking until branded Equator that is likely the same thing. Delivery seems to be limited (not available for my zip code). So if you like this, and live someplace that delivery is available, you may want to act fast.


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