I have bit off more than I can chew. And chewing will get a bit harder: Ack, a molar broke and I am having it extracted today. 2019 will be the year, again, of (1) aiming to finish what I’ve already started, (2) significantly purging the excess, and (3) and not committing to or launching anything/anything/anything/ANYTHING new until see (1) and (2).  

  1. Allison says:

    On possessions of all types;

    Does it bring you joy? Keep it.

    Does owning it stress and dishearten you, or do you feel nothing about it at all? Get rid of it, quickly as possible. Don’t get more stressed about whether it might be valuable someday or how much you paid for it… get it out of your life.

      1. Kate says:

        I am still working on it but I have made huge progress in three years! I also had a baby during that time so that slowed the process and brought in more stuff. I’m so glad I did it though and I’m really close to getting the house to where it feels good and then I just have to maintain.

        It is so worth doing it!!!!

  2. Maria says:

    These need to team up with someone donating holiday trees to low income people who otherwise could not afford to have a tree.

    These just scream ornaments looking for a Christmas tree to call home.

  3. Jay says:

    Sorry about the dental work, not a great time of the year for that. Anyway that is one enormous stash of ornaments. But… if you truly enjoy making the wreaths, what’s the problem? As far as unfinished projects we all have them. That could be a post in the new year.
    and if you decide on having the mother of all warehouse/garage sales please give plenty of notice so I can take the time off from work to travel to New England. Now take a deep breath….

  4. Lyndasewsalot says:

    I to am doing “the great purge “ here at my house! It feels great, but it’s scary, and emotional. It requires great concentration. I’m giving myself a year to clear. So next year at this time I should feel much lighter. It was out of control. I had so many projects , but I didn’t even have room in my awsome dream workshop to work on them. I had wished for a workshop for years. Only to fill it so full of stuff that I made it unusable. It makes me feel bad about myself , and that’s just not a good productive way to spend my days! I’m feeling good about this, and I wish you luck with your hoard. When I’m all cleaned up , I will finally send you pictures of my beautiful retro space. Have a great holiday, and know that what you do inspires. Thanks.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Please DO send me a photo of your workshop when it’s done!!!! Lots of us are in this exact same boat, I bet, given we love our projects!!!!

  5. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I have a large storage box of Christmas ornaments, some homemade, that only fit on large trees. They are not vintage–yet–only 20 to 30 years old. They won’t make good wreaths, for the most part. I don’t even open that box at Christmas any more because I have two miniature trees. I like the ideas that have been offered here about giving them to a family who has none and offering them to a senior center for crafts and such.

    What does DH say about the condition of the dining room? Or does he just roll his eyes now? Mine just gets this numb, stunned look for the duration and retreats to the basement.

  6. Linda says:

    Glorious stash of ornies, Pam! I’d say if it makes you happy when you see it, rock on with those wreaths! If for some reason it causes anxiety, considering taking appropriate action.

    I LOVE your list of objectives! This year, I made huge strides in meeting #1 which was aided in part by accomplishing #2. I was consistent in emptying every container of vintage treasures left from my move to a smaller house a couple of years ago and making decisions about each and every item. I kept reminding myself that excess clutter can come from a failure to make a decision on what to do with an item. So I held each item in my hand and forced myself to make a decision. Placing an item back into storage was NOT an option in this case. A couple items were kept, some were sold, but most were donated to a couple of local charities that I strongly believe in and thus set free.

    Now, I’m also free from thinking about those items. This piece of mind is worth more to me than what I could have potentially made from selling them online and the time saved by not doing so has freed up a lot more time to focus on the few worthy projects I have chosen to complete. Objective #3 has become words to live by.

    Thank you so much, Pam, for open an honest articles such as this one. Your insight helps others and brings our vintage community closer together.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Thank you, Linda. I think about this issue/topic a lot. I think that another reason I collect “projects” and stuff to make projects is… it gives me the idea that there is still opportunity for me to be/become something that I am not today. As in, if the project drawers are empty, then who am I, who can I be? So much of one’s youth is about becoming. What happens when you are old and you’re … done, for the most part? I need to create emptiness and be comfortable in it just being me as I am right now. It’s enough.

      1. Linda says:

        Well said, Pam, well said. Being comfortable with emptiness is indeed an intriguing topic to contemplate.

        I’m personally striving to create an environment that promotes both a level of freedom from the many forms of clutter in our culture as well as a clarity of mind that results in a sharper focus on and a deeper dedication to those activities that truly inspire me and motivate me to continue to do them.

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