Metal counter edges — 6 places to buy them + more tips

metal counter edges where to buyWhere to find metal counter edges for retro kitchens — countertop edging in steel, aluminum and even faux laminate edging? I have made a new, consolidated research / resource page. My complete page includes:

    • Where to find and buy metal counter edge
    • Examples from reader kitchens
    • My video showing my own countertops and how they were done
    • Historical research showing us how laminate countertops were edged, back in the day.

Check out all my research here >> 6 places to find countertop edges in steel and aluminum metal + examples and tips from actual midcentury kitchens

Note, this post has been updated from its original publish date in February 2011 to include updated and better organized information.

  1. Joe Felice says:

    You know, it’s interesting. I think the T-notch idea came along later. The edgings I remember from back in the day all had screws to hold them in place. I remember, because, even as a kid, I was a clean freak, and cleaning the edges with a rag often involved hooking the rag on one of the screws. I used the cove on the back splash in my kitchen, and did not want the screws, so I attached it to both surfaces with Scotch mounting tape, and then sealed the counter edge with clear adhesive caulk (Polyseamseal) to prevent water intrusion. But this doesn’t work going around 90-degree curves.

  2. Donna says:

    P.S. Lisa, we have since learned that the aluminum does scratch, so be careful with metal items like belt buckles and stuff if you install this product. I was wearing a belt and washing the dishes and it left some marks.

  3. pam kueber says:

    Wow! Thanks, Bill! This is a great find! We will definitely do a story. I am betting — you could add any vinyl or laminate insert of your choice???? Thank you! And thank you for your nice comment about our website!

  4. CarolK says:

    On Nate and Jeremiah By Design, they were renovating a mid-century ranch that the homeowner had grown up in. I don’t recall every element of their design. but I do recall the metal-banded quartz countertops. I also remember that their work was respectful of the mid-century aesthetic.

  5. Chuck V says:

    I went to a local sheet metal shop and had some 20 gauge stainless steel bent into a [ shape to match the thickness of my countertops, 20 linear feet cost about $200

  6. linoleummy says:

    Nice! The sheetmetal place I checked could do 1 1/2″ channel but not the narrower 3/8″ backsplash edging.

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