Sigrid’s one-step-at-a-time 1954 house refresh

maple dropleaf table hobnail lightHere is an email and some photos from a reader, Sigrid, that make me very happy. I read her message and get the feeling that she is taking things one step at a time — not getting overwhelmed — enjoying each step in the process.  I think that’s a very wise way to go about (discretionary) house projects indeed.

Sigrid writes:

A few months back, I wrote about our upcoming remodel of our 1954 ranch house. We’re not entirely done yet and are taking a fall break, but I thought I would send you a few photos.

My dining area now proudly displays my grandmother’s refinished maple drop leaf table. I found a vintage hobnail chandelier at a junk shop and cleaned it up. I am going to lower it, but it adds to a colonial vibe that seems at home in this house. I also found some hobnail ceiling lights to go above the sink and desk in the kitchen.

vintage wallpaper on one wall of bathroomIn the bathroom, I had 1950s aquatic theme wallpaper installed along with a reproduction vanity light. Not shown are the original tub and field tile surround that I will get restored next year. 

vintage wallpaper with fishIt’s been a fun project.

Take care,


I love how Sigrid used the wallpaper on just one wall of the bathroom. The wallpaper is from Hannah’s, I’ve long had my eye on that pattern!

I also love how she used her grandmother’s table — nothing better! — and is bringing hobnail glass into the lighting fixtures. I don’t think I’ve ever written about hobnail glass light fixtures before. I love them. 

In an earlier email, Sigrid told me she also will be doing some work on the kitchen and laundry. That will be fun to see!

Thank you, Sigrid, for sharing this bit of happiness into our day! Nicely done! 

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