Vintage style barkcloth fabrics — and more retro design options — from Style Maker Fabrics

vintage style barkcloth with metallic ink new at stylemakerUpdating my roundup story on companies that make and sell mid century style barkcloth fabrics, I came across this incredibly gorgeous barkcloth available at Style Maker Fabrics — another place for us to look for mid century, retro and vintage style fabrics for our decorating projects. Oh my goodness, the “Outback Geometric Barkcloth” shown above — dreamy — and well priced at $20 per yard. I spoke with company owner Michelle this week. Her company specializes in curating designer fabrics you likely cannot find elsewhere.  

mid century style barkcloth from stylemaker fabricsThe Outback Geo barkcloth shown above is from Australia. It has metallic ink! Whoa! Super rare to see that, nowadays. Reminds me of some of the vintage Waverly Rhino cloth samples and Waverly Las Vegas cloth samples I picked up at an estate sale some years ago.

Michelle says this fabric is no longer in production, so supplies are limited, so if ya dig it, snap it up. She says the fabric has a fairly heavy hand (I see the fabric is 58″ wide, so that suggests to me it’s meant for interior decor), so could even work for light upholstery. Note, it’s recommended that when choosing fabrics, check the fabric’s use specifications and get a sample to make sure the fabric you have in mind will suit your project’s needs. For example, in my first married house, I made some bathroom curtains out of a pretty lightweight cotton — probably meant for quilting — and while they were adorable, over time they bugged me as just too… lightweight. That said: Sheers are meant to be lightweight — to blow in the wind — so it all depends.

vintage style barkcloth Prowling around the Style Maker website I found a number of other examples of fabrics that had a retro look. Above: “Japanese vintage inspired floral barkcloth”.

Another thought: Lightweight cottons might also work well well as a covering for a DIY laminated roller shade — (the video says to test adhering the fabric first on the vinyl before committing).

japanese floral printAbove: A Japanese floral print. I thought this one *might* make for nice curtains, depending on its actual weight. It’s called a “double gauze,” so I’m not sure — ask Stylemaker, Michelle says they are happy to help.

japanese nordic print fabric from stylemaker fabrics

Above: A Japanese Nordic print with lovely mid century motifs. Write this day on the calendar: This makes me want to do a room in gray! Again, though: Check re weight to ensure this would work for curtains, etc.

Michelle says that her company’s focus is apparel fabrics. But some of them may be able to be used for light duty interior projects. Fabrics are sourced from around the world. Many come from Japan. Some are in regular production, so yardage requests shouldn’t be an issue. Others are remnants from designer projects, with limited supplies.

Thank you, Michelle — lovely company!

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