Readers tip us to FOUR terrific time capsule houses — beauties, all around!

tour a time capsule houseMany thanks to all the readers who act as community reporters and send tips about time capsule houses spotted for sale across the nation! It’s always so much fun to see these beauties and the diversity of styles they illustrate. Today, I spotlight links that will take you to four houses that are real stand-outs for their time capsule interiors and exteriors — from 1938… 1966… 1972… and 1848-redecorated-1950s.

1938 Santa Maria, Calif. time capsule house

These well-preserved homes of another era are becoming exceedingly rare, especially in California. 

1848 Vevay, Indiana, Greek Revival with time capsule 1950s interiors

When I’m dreaming about winning the lottery, I look at Vevay’s historic homes for sale, because my grandma’s family came from there. This house would’ve been familiar to them (looong before it had its 1950s-60s now-time-capsule reno). 

1966 Lincoln, Nebraska time capsule house

  • This 1966 home by Royal Barry Wills Associates, a tip received from a number of readers (thank you, all!), shows how the interiors of classic Royal Barry Wills’ homes so often were colonial. And this one — 1966! A beautiful house, outside and in, and so fascinating to see what definitely appears to be the original interior features preserved. I wonder if we could find it on the new online RBW archive?

1972 Sumter, South Carolina time capsule house

This one is a doozy 

Indeed: Gorgeous design work here!

Thanks, readers, for your time capsule tips!  It takes a ton of time for me to try to do features on individual houses, so going forward, I’ll try to do a better job spotlighting what’s new/old out there in a timely fashion in round-up stories like this!

Which houses or features are your favorites,
or most surprising, dear readers?

  1. Cissy says:

    The 1966 Lincoln, Nebraska home is the home of my dreams! Having grown up in the ’60’s, I remember many a home and decor of that time period. Even today I have vintage Ethan Allen Furniture and they would be at home in that house, as would my husband and myself!

  2. Beverly says:

    You restored my faith in lovlies. I like to peruse real estate listings for fun, but so many have been flipped and miserably remuddled. These were wonderful.

  3. Jeff K says:

    The 1848 house in Vevay, IN is gorgeous! Whoever buys it will hopefully negotiate the furniture in the deal. It is all done so well. Picture perfect.

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