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  1. Pam Bristow says:

    I am searching for and trying to match paneling purchased in 1995. Its 9 groove paneling in a real light american pecan color…

  2. Mike McKeen says:

    Dear Pam and Kate

    You recently sent me a link for sourcing Yellow Cracked Ice Vinyl and I apologize however I overlooked replying to you

    I appreciate you taking time to share the site, and I thank you for your always amazing page that my customers enjoy following throughout the year

    Currently, I am ‘retro’ fitting my 1930s bath, using a remarkable pink ceramic sink that I ‘excavated’ from a 1920’s farm house near Denver

    I can send photos in the near future, hoping your followers will enjoy viewing

    Thank you again for your thoughtfulness in sharing

    Mid Century Mike

    Lakewood Colorado

  3. ELAINE REGAN says:

    Have renovated a house built in 1937. I did my best to restore the kitchen to it’s retro past, with modern touches. I integrated the metal kitchen sink cabinet into the retro look. The name of this cabinet was unfortunately removed. Looks like it could be a Youngstown or St Charles. I took it to an auto body shop that did a fabulous job repainting it, or as some say, powder coating it. I took the rusted out removable bottom under the sink to a machine shop to have it replicated. Would love to know it’s brand. Would send a picture if I possible…

  4. kathelene robertson says:

    I am looking for an accordian pleated shower door that has runner knobs EACH pleat,on both, the top AND bottom that run in the rails.. I can find them where there is one of the, about every 4-5 pleats but they arent very good about staying in place when you open or close them.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Kathelene, I have a story on accordian shower doors – use the search box to get right to it. Other than that resource, I haven’t researched any others.

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