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Thanks to Femme1 for obtaining a first solid dose of info and history on the Drexel Profile line – including this complete 1960 catalog, courtesy of the excellent customer service at Drexel Heritage.  I’ve now started a stand-alone page on the line, which you can check out anytime.

Click thru here for info on the designer John Van Koert and a 23-photo catalog from 1960…and check back on the Profile Page anytime for future updates.Drexel Profile:

The Drexel Profile furniture collection was designed by John Van Koert, and it was in production from 1955 to 1961. Van Koert started out as a jewelry designer for Harry Winston after WWII and later branched into industrial design. He also is well known for designing silver for Towle, particularly the Contour design; his particular attention to the drawer pulls and other hardware on Profile pieces is noted in the catalog.  Femme1 owns the walnut dining table and chairs #K40, and the round extension table, with #K62, the side chairs.

Tip: Click on an actual thumbnail – it will open quite large, and you can continue the slide show from there.

1960 catalog – complete:

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  1. Femme1 says

    You’ve got to love those polka-dot curtains. The fabric looks the same as Betty Draper’s party dress in Season Two’s A Night to Remember (episode 8).

  2. says

    You are a goddess!

    We recently realized our second hand furniture store purchase was a Drexel Profile set, which saved the table from being “redesigned” by a local craftsman. Instead, we’re looking to swap our table or purchase another Drexel Profile set that offers leaves.

    Anyhoo, this is a fabulous resource! Nicely done!

    Continued success,

  3. says

    Femme1 – this ENTIRE set offers so much eye candy. Thank you again! Everyone: truly, click on the first thumbnail, it will open up quite large…then you can use the arrow at the bottom to go thru the whole set. They are delicious!

  4. Kristin says

    I just found this website and think it’s great. I just purchased a Drexel Profile triple dresser with the original mirror and the 6 drawer chest today for *$35.00* -total. I know, I couldn’t believe it either! They need a little TLC and cleaning but are very sturdy. Is it wrong to put a new coat of stain on them? I would like to stay true to the color that is there already. Also, does anyone know how to freshen up the handles? They are a little weather worn it looks like. I am not sure what they are made of and don’t want to ruin them. They are gorgeous! They look sort of like a brushed nickel finish. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks for the info and for such a fun website!

    • tracey says

      bar keepers friend works really well…or a silver polishing cloth, but that takes a bit more elbow grease.

  5. Brenda Robertson says

    I have a catalog as well (not revised edition) with an original price list along with thirteen pieces!
    K95, K37, k13, k40,k60, k95, k70 and k97

  6. Johnny B says

    Thank you for your awesome resource! Been looking out for some night stands and happened on two that caught my eye big time. Obviously well built and incredible design. Just donated to a local thrift store. How much? I ask. Oh, how about $8 each the attendant asks. After I take them home and clean them up I find the Drexel name in the drawer and thanks to your site I find out they are the K-25 night stands! I was going to paint them. Now think will leave them as they are. Woo-hoo!!

    • pam kueber says

      Welcome, Michelle! We love St. Louis — the home of the best vintage steel cabinet sets and our favorite time capsule ever.

  7. Kat Makarushka says

    I love your site and thanks for posting the catalog. My husband and I picked up the a profile dining table with 3 leaves, 4 K62 side chairs, buffet and hutch at the local flea market for a steal and your site has helped us learn more about our beloved find.

  8. mary g says

    great site. i just picked up a Profile k27 night stand at a consignment shop here in jackson hole, wyoming! i was wondering what the heck it was and just a few minutes of research led me to this page. and there’s even a photo of it on the old brochure, that’s great. thanks!

  9. mary g says

    Hi I have another question: Where can I find fixtures for this k27? The knob is a little ratty, it would be nice if I could replace it with one in mint condition. Thanks! M

  10. Jayna E says

    I just purchased the K 42 table, along with two K 60 chairs and four K62 chairs, from our local salvation army. Unfortunately the leaves for the table were not with the piece, but I’m still very excited about my find. I couldn’t find the K 62 chairs anywhere on-line and I was worried that they might not go with my set, but I see that they are an option in the catalogue. Thanks for posting this, you made my search very easy.

  11. says

    I own the Drexel Profile K44 Extension Table, the K60 Arm and Side Chairs, and the K50 China Cabinet. I was excited to find the 1960 catalog on your site. It was the most complete look at the Profile collection that I’ve seen. Thanks!

  12. says

    A friend of mine just passed up a K-37 Buffet for $20, along with a K-4 Triple Dresser for practically nothing…because he didn’t realize what they were. I’m sending him a link to your site so he won’t miss any more Profile steals.

  13. dave oneil says

    I have a 1956 profile dining room table, chairs, buffet and hutch. I found a pair of 2 tier end tables of a similar design, but can’t find any pictures to match. Bottoms of end tables are black and can’t read any numbers. I’d like to find any information so I can identify these.

  14. lisa says

    Do you know anything about 1959 drexel bed I think it is called counrty manor or something along that line….I was thinking about painting it, but did not know if there is any value there?

  15. ines eishen says

    Our mother has a dining table, 8 chairs, two china cabinets, bed, 2 night chests, and a triple dresser with a mirror as part of her estate. BEAUTIFUL condition. they have the silvered pulls. Just like this catalog. Anyone know anyone in Dallas Ft Worth area who can appraise these for us in preparation for an estate sale?

  16. Audrey Tiernan says


    My mother’s bedroom set is a white Drexel French provincial style that dates probably to 1943-45. IT is white with pale blue and gold accents. Triple dresser, large mirror, highboy, two night stands and bed headboard and footboard. I was thinking of giving it to good will and then a friend suggested I might want to reconsider it. It looks very well made and I could use some of the pieces in my own home. Just wondering if anyone has background/history on these pieces, what wood is under the paint (thinking of dipping and refinishing them) and any thought on possible value. I would appreciate any information and background. Thanks!

  17. Lisa Hu says

    I bought an old condo in Florida. The original owner passed away and left a lot of Drexel furnitures in the unit. There is one set dinning table with six chairs(with top protection pad). There is one set of Octagonal confutable with four chairs. There are a few bed room furnitures(chest, dresser). I’m going to rent out my unit and there is no room for me to keep all these furnitures. Is any body like to buy them?

  18. Shawn says

    I just scored a Drexel faux bamboo…what appears to be a end table or nightstand. Looks like it id dated 11/66 on the back. Any info on this piece, I absolutely love it.

  19. Andrew Varnava says

    I bought my K12 Man’s Chest with some slight wear for $80. The wife and I were walking our dogs when we blundered into it at a just starting yard sale. I paid asking price without barter.

    When I returned with a vehicle to move the piece, there were four people pointing at the piece and asking how much he got and then telling the guy that he blew it.

    I live in a 1960’s home and largely decorate with that era furniture and so the chest fits right in. It is a functional and durable item that is much better built than anything today.

  20. Michael Noche says

    Thanks for posting this info. One of my neighbors left a dresser on the street corner. (A common practice in San Francisco, as a way to get rid of your unwanted belongings.) I walked by it and immediately admired it’s fine lines and cool looking handles, which evoked mid-century modern design. I got my roommate to help me carry it to our apartment. It was heavy, so I suspected it was vintage and noticed the dove-tailed drawers. There is a stamp on the back so I knew I would be able to do some research. Then I found the Drexel registered mark on the inside, right of the top center drawer. I am now the proud owner of a Drexel Profile K2 Double Dresser. For free! It has seen better days. Sadly it needs to be refinished. I like the “roughed up” look of the handles so I’m going to keep them as is.

    Any recommendations on refinishing this classic beauty?

  21. Don says

    Wow, thanks for the info! We just found an old furniture store that sold Drex. The owner took us in the back storage room and proceeded to show us the Drex that never sold… OMG! It’s sold now!

  22. Kathleen says

    Thanks for the great reference. I own two k97 step tables and a cocktail table (I’m not sure which one – its in a storage locker). I was thinking of selling them for not much but now am better informed of what I have!

  23. Erik James says

    So I inherited a couple of the k27 night chests afew years back and fell in love with this line. Prior to this I didn’t even know what a Drexel or who John Van Koert was. I have since aquired the k16 headboard,( at a garage sale for next to nothing,I am happy to add).and a k2 mirror at a consignment shop for around $250. So here is my dilemma, I have been looking EVERYWHERE to find the k2 dresser to complete my bedroom set, and the only “luck” I have had

  24. Erik James says

    was online at some hoity toity store out of chicago for around $3700. I nearly choked! is this for real?! I didn’t expect, nor can I afford to pay a price that high for the one I have my heart set on. Please help! does anyone have any suggestions,information or advise that could help me in my quest? thank you very much.

  25. justin tolar says

    I have the k4 dresser with the mirror and the k11 dresser along with it. I’m trying to find a buyer, but really don’t know where to start. They were handed down from grandparents, who were the original owners. The letter of authenticity is still attached to the mirror. They are really in very good condition and have all the little added storage parts too. If anyone could help or is interested please let me know. I’m currently in the st. Louis area.

  26. Lisa Sunaverse says

    Thanks so much Pam! We’re selling my parents Drexel Profile bedroom set and dining room buffet and hopefully this will help people realize the value. We’re going to put your link on our Craigslist ad.

  27. Joyce says

    We have just acquired a full dining set of the Drexel Profile line. We have the K40 dining table with 3 leaves, six K62 chairs, K35 buffet and deck (hutch) and K98 cupboard (small buffet). Minor damage issues. The dining table has a deep scratch, Some white areas on the horizonal surfaces that we think were caused by heat. In excellent condition structurally. The chairs are an awesome designs. We will post on craigslist today in Jacksonville, FL. Thanks for providing all the great information about this line of furniture.

  28. Mona says

    Any idea what the bright blue fabric that came on the chairs was? It looks like velour, but I can’t find any info to confirm that. Thanks!

  29. Michelle says

    I just found a Drexel Profile dinning table K46, with 6 chairs K64, one arm chair and 5 side chairs. Craigslist $250 excellent condition and I believe the chair upholstery is original, a really nice muted teal velvet. Didn’t know what I had till I peered under the table hoping to find some info. Wow!
    The seller said it was his grandparents formal dinning set, one owner, and used rarely. He recently inherited it and not being the sentimental type wanted it out of the garage asap! Not sure he knew what he had there…I didn’t either but I knew it was the good stuff. Excited and had to share!
    Thank you for posting such helpful information…just now discovering the beauty and craftsmanship of vintage MCM furniture and slowly switching out pieces as I find treasures like this one….

  30. kimiewoof says

    just bought a K12 man’s drop front desk chest for $10 off the internet and found on ebay for $795. since the seller lived less than 5 miles from me he delivered it to me so i kicked him down $10 for gas! WooHoo!

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