Midcentury modern pendant lamps from Progress, 1961


DIG THESE 1961 MIDCENTURY PENDANT LIGHTS from Progress.  Which one do you like the best? Quiz is from left to right — #1 is at top left, then zig down to #2 the Danish Modern, then zig up to #3 the flowery dude, etc…

Thanks! And if you have another minute – tell us why you voted the way you did.




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  1. opkis says

    #1; I like the contrast in materials, and it looks like it would provide nice warm light (but I think I have #5 in the foyer right now).

  2. tailfin says

    Voted for the Danish pendant because it has the cleanest lines & I think it would look best in a mid-century modern setting. But the hourglass cylinder runs a close second. I know I’ve seen the scrolled sphere in homes here in Western New York. Wish they still made these.

  3. Kristin says

    #1. I liked the Danish pendant, but felt it was too clean. I am trying to move away a bit from what seems to be an increasingly bland mid-century influence that I see a lot of in Atomic Ranch interiors (love that magazine, but it is just too expensive and ultra-clean a lot of the time). I picked #1 because it has interesting angles and the beads would add a texture and color in the refracted light. Now where can I get it?

    ***Note: Digging around last night in the shed, I found the original glass shade for the outdoor back porch door light! Right when I was about to go looking for a new one!***

  4. MrsErinD says

    I voted for the one with the starbursts, number 3, because I am a freak for starbursts, love them! They all are cool!

  5. Jeanne says

    I voted the Danish modern style, as I like the clean, simple lines, But it was a tough choice. I also like the hour glass (#1) as it’s symetrical but has texture and is interesting and I like the last one, as it’s sort of space-age looking (jetsons!),

  6. says

    I like the Danish pendant for its clean simple shape: we’re all about simple and sleek in the Elvis household. For an accent, though, I really like the red dotted sphere. Simple, symmetrical and fun!

  7. says

    I almost went for the spotted sphere — love the color and perforated circles in ascending size. But the danish pendant got me because I love the shape and simplicity.

  8. says

    Forget simplicity! I’d go for the jeweled, perforated brass sphere – it’s groovy and colorful, and our house is much more like that than the clean, spare minimalism!

  9. Heidi Swank says

    #1 for me. I’m such a sucker for the middle class flair: lines that are clean but not too clean.

  10. David Conwill says

    Jeweled sphere, perforated bottom diffuser, P4404 – Why? Because my grandparents had lamps just like that in their old ranch.


  11. MARK says

    I picked number three because I have not seen that style out there. One and two are really cool but more of a mass produced look. I acutally have number six and have it over my wrought iron porch table and chairs.

  12. carolyne says

    I liked #3 because I thought the black and white would pop against bright colors and plexiglas. I agree with another poster who says #2 looks two generic repro type.

  13. Cindy says

    i love them all but #1 really grabs me, just the right about of funky lines…….so unique. oh I want them all!

  14. sumac sue says

    I voted for #6 because it’s a bit fancy without being over the top. But, I also really like #1. I sure wish I had a foyer with one of these lamps suspended in it.

  15. Betsy says

    #8 because there were 3 of them in a row in the
    foyer of the house I grew up in. Our house was
    in Danville, IL. Built in ’64, it was a tri-level with
    2 master suites, another 3 bedrooms, total of 4
    baths, and a full basement. N-ni-i-i-i-i-ce !!

  16. Jean says

    I forgot to say that I have 3 of #6 lights going down my hallway to the bedrooms in the house we recently bought and are renovating.

  17. toni says

    hi pam!

    i had to go with #2.

    we used to rent a house at the beach every summer, and those lamps were hanging above the dining room table and in the hallways.

    sadly, the owners sold the house and it was torn down to build a giant mcmansion. of course, i’m kicking myself for never taking pictures of the incredible time capture that was our home every summer.

  18. John says

    Jeweled sphere, perforated bottom diffuser, P4404, because I have three of them!

    Does anybody know where I can get two of the perforated bottom diffusers, to replace ones that are missing?

    • pam kueber says

      Farmtruk, I am SUPER JEALOUS – can you send me a photo to post? retrorenovation at gmail dot com? Many thanks! Pam

  19. Juan Alva says

    Hi I have 3 different type of pulldown lamps, one of them needs to be put back together. Does anyone know were I can get info on putting the tension mechanism back together? and is that what its called.

    • pam kueber says

      Juan — This is not a DIY site, please consult with a licensed professional regarding vintage wiring and their mechanisms. Please know also, I have been told that pulldowns are no longer to code — all the more reason to consult with a pro. Good luck.

  20. says

    Witnessed #8 in person at an estate sale. The basement (where all the cool stuff ALWAYS resides) hadn’t been redone in ages and was full on mid mod with carpeted walls, tiki’ish bar and the jeweled spheres!

  21. Laci Delp says

    Torn between this one and the danish. I like simple and clean, however the dots and salmon (come on) made me smile!!

  22. Lisa says

    I like them all. Voted for the first one because it looks like the cinched waists of the dresses that were popular at the time.

  23. Luann says

    I just about went for #2 but #1 has that extra bit of bling. The original light that hangs in our front entry is a mix of the two.

  24. Betsy Hamby says

    I voted for #8 because my Dad&Mom had 3 of them in a line in the foyer (yes, slate on that floor) in the ’64 tri-level we 6 kids were raised in!

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