Estate sale – Tonawanda, New York – FABULOUS

Snaps to reader Jackie who alerted us to this estate sale in Tonawanda, New York. Oh my, this is the kind of sale that we all DREAM of. I am having palpitations. Palpitations, I tell you! Enjoy this fantastic video!


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  1. says

    I’m originally from Buffalo, NY and lived next door to Tonawanda in Kenmore. Now I’m in Florida and it almost impossible to finds mid century here. However…palpitations!!! I’ll be visiting Buffalo this summer and hope to find estate sales. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. TappanTrailerTami says

    Amazing! Seeing that vid makes me feel better about my own packratty tendencies (all good stuff of course). LOVE the curvy sectional, the silverware, the linens, the bar stools, the pole lamps, the corner tables, the glassware, the credenza (or was it a stereo?)……oh my!

    Pat D – you lucky duck, be sure to give us all a full report!

  3. Happy Daze says

    Looks like a good sale, but I’m still recovering from the one I went to last weekend. Same owner since 1938…picked up some really cool stuff for my 1940 house.

    I love estate sales, but I always feel a tinge of sadness watching all of the stuff one person collected get divided up among various people. It’s especially sad when I know the house will probably be demolished in a few weeks after the sale. The estate sale becomes the last happy gathering that will ever occur in the house.

  4. CindyD says

    I CAN’T GET THERE – and I so-o-o want to! I love the floor – black and white linoleum patterns. Great way to start the weekend – thanks for posting this!

  5. Pencils says

    I saw NY and got excited. Except it’s near Buffalo, all the way on the other side of the state, hundreds and hundreds of miles away. Wah! Oh well. I want those pineapple things on the bar. Guess it’s eBay time!

  6. Susie says

    This just makes me hurt! I wish I could be lucky enough to find a sale like this some day, but I know that will never happen!

  7. Jocelyn says

    I was just screaming with every reveal! The sectional! The pixies! The hats! The shoes! The vintage everything! What a wonderful collection. It is a good thing we all don’t live in the same town…there would be a melee at this house for sure!

  8. Kory Carroll says

    Oh My!
    If I could only get there. At 1:46 there is 2 sets of Plastic Pineapple Pitchers w/ Glasses. I have them in Green & Orange, and would KILL for it in Yellow! They are Beautiful!!!

  9. The Vintage Reader says

    I lived in Buffalo for several years, and I’ve never scored at estate sales like I did there. Even the rip-off ones with the dealers who take their same ugly reproduction Victorian furniture to every sale aren’t too bad. But I’ve gotten stuff like wrapping paper from the 40s, still in the wrapper, for a quarter a package… a whole stack of bossa nova records for $5 (in the same room as a to-die-for rattan hide-a-bed from the 50s)… a working 1939 GE console radio for $35… actually, I’m looking around my family room right now and noting what came from Buffalo estate sales, and it’s pretty impressive.

    I don’t know why the sales are so great there. I think it might be because the old people who don’t move to Florida or North Carolina when they retire stay in their houses forever. Western New Yorkers tend to be sensible and thrifty (maybe from living in a place where historically, even union jobs get ripped out from under you with two days’ notice), so they don’t throw stuff away, although they do *give* it away. The thrift stores there are AWESOME, too. Just today I was wishing I could go to the ReTAP in North Tonawanda.

    Seriously, if you want a cheap, fun, mid-century-style vacation with some excellent thrifting (and FOOD! OMG, I miss the ethnic food!!), go to Niagara Falls and hit the thrift stores in the Buffalo area. Take in the architecture, and the history, and the amazing sunny 75-degree days in June. Sigh… now I might have to plan a visit myself. Too bad it can’t be in time for this estate sale. 🙂

  10. kate mckinnon says

    I also feel for these people; where did they GO? Wonderful things, but a sad kind of way to find them.

    That sweepy curvy sectional sofa, man. Killer.

  11. Lynne says


  12. Deb LuvMidCen says

    Wow, I sit here sipping a martini in my period correct glass drooling the whole way through this video. It would taste so much better on that curvy sofa. My hubby is from Niagara Falls and that whole area is like a trip through memory lane. As we watched the video he kept pointing out the items that his aunts Josephine, Florence, and Gertrude had (I am not making up those names!). Thanks for sharing!!

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