There’s still time (if you’re hoppity quick) to make your own Easter Bunny cake

Kristen says that making this Easter Bunny cake has been a family tradition for years and years. Start your own! Here’s the recipe from an original mid mod maven: Betty Crocker. It looks pretty easy, and including a fast trip to the store, I bet you could have it served up in … 2 hours maybe. I’m gonna do it!


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  1. nina462 says

    ok…but before you make your bunny cake, log onto to see version of how NOT to make your bunny cake.

    I myself made a 1950’s recipe-cut glass dessert (from Square Meals-by Jane & Michael Stern….tast thrills of only yesterday)

    Happy & Blessed Easter to all–

  2. Pencils says

    Love the bunny cake! I’ll have to make that for my daughter, she’ll be so excited. She loves cake–it’s her favorite new word–and she loves bunnies. Now if I could figure out how to make a duckie cake, she’d be the happiest toddler in NY. (I’ve seen duckie pans, but I mean a 3-D cut out cake.)

  3. sumac sue says

    How cute! This make me remember that my mom would make a flat bunny cake from two round cake layers. One round was the body, and the other was cut somehow to make a head and two ear pieces. It ended up looking a little like a snowman with big ears. We used jelly beans for eyes and nose, of course, and strings of licorice for whiskers. It was sort of silly, but, we loved it. I think I need to revive the tradition, but use Kristen’s three-dimensional look instead, since it looks more like a real bunny.

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