8 Charley Harper posters — straight from U.S. Government original stockpiles — cheap, free shipping, no tax!

Wow, here is a fantastic find: EIGHT Charley Harper posters originally produced for the National Park Service in 1986, 1990 and 1994, still available for sale from the Government Printing Office. The posters cost from $12 to $19, and get this: There is no cost for shipping and no tax! The eight, apparently still remaining from depleted stock are for the Glacier Bay, Rocky Mountains, Atlantic Barrier Islands, Canyon Country, The Alpine Northwest, the Sierra Range, Hawaii and Isle Royal. I snapped up one of each snap, crackle, pop!

charley harper poster

With Charley Harper so popular today, there are a number other sites online selling these posters for as much as $50. I looked quick — and these seem to be the very same posters
that you get from Uncle Sam. Many thanks to reader Elaine, who pointed out this great deal when we were began talking earlier today about how expensive mid century modern decor has gotten. She saw the “Atlantic Barrier Islands” poster that I put in my ebay carousel. It’s on the ‘bay for $25. Gougers!

Okay, so now I have to walk you, step-by-step, where to order each of the posters, because they do not seems to be in one easy place on the government websites. And note, as you look at the listing — Some posters are 39″ x 29″, some are 24″ x 17″:

(UPDATE: Some of the links now broken but I’ll leave them up for now so you can see the original list posted.)

If you want to see larger images, I found some on this site – which stocks these at $50! – and where you can also see some of the old stock poster we missed out on boo hoo.

Finally –take a look at this humongous book about Charley Harper — written just recently by Todd Oldham, who is a huge fan of this famous mid century modern artist.


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  1. Jane says

    I just scored a poster still available of Isle Royale for $14!!! I grew up on Lake Superior and our family visited there when I was a kid. We took the sea plane cause my dad never had the patience for a slow moving boat. These designs are amazing. I learn so much from your this site for my little 1955 brick ranch. Thank you.

  2. KLS says

    Pam, update: the Sierra Range and Alpine Northwest posters are out of stock (all gone!). I got the remaining six all placqued up for our brand new basement remodel: they are wonderful!

  3. Melody says

    Mine are looking good with a cheap $20 frame from IKEA. Glass and aluminum. I used a yardstick and craft knife to slice about a half inch off one side. You can’t even tell!

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