Custom range hoods with scallops and other decorative scroll edges – Made in the U.S.A.

Snaps to reader Laura, who tracked down a company that would make a range hood exhaust fan — with scallops! — for her retro kitchen remodel. What a terrific find. To further research this story, I talked to Donald Stanley, the owner of Vents4Less — which retails the hoods, and to Janet DiRisio, manager of Imperial Hoods — which makes them. Yup: Made the U.S.A. — and since 1961. This is Imperial’s 50th anniversary, yay on them. Here is what I found out about ordering scalloped range hood suitable for a 1950s, 1960s or, yes, even 1970s kitchen project:

  • Imperial Hoods can add scallops — or you could come up with your own decorative scrolled edge edge — to virtually any of their stock range hoods.
  • The upcharge for the scallop trim, when ordered via, is going to be update: In Nov. 2013, the company let us know this price is now $289.
  • Imperial has a great selection of sizes, including 30″, 36″ and 42″. They also have island hoods — I see range-tops on peninsulas fairly often in midcentury homes.
  • The company is very proud of their warranty: the industry’s only 7-year 100% parts and labor plus in-home service warranty. Janet says this is a testament to Imperial’s quality and the company’s determination to stand behind their product.
  • The decorative scroll is cut separately from the range hood and adhered with a special tape made just for this purpose.
  • And, they can do powder-coated colors. Vents4Less sent me a card with the custom colors – mostly primaries, no pastels, and no coppertone. But I bet if you were tenacious and nice, you  could work with them to get a custom color…

How to order a custom range hood:


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  1. Wendy M. says

    Great timing for me on this post…I’ve been trying to choose a range hood (right now we are saddled with a 1983 Spacesaver microwave with the built in exhaust fan…they only reason it is still hanging in my kitchen!) Anyway, I have a question…what style would you suggest for a kitchen that is a little more streamlined? The house was built in 1964 and we have smooth dark wood cabinets. As much as I like the scalloped edge, I think it would be too ornate…but I love the idea of having something unique. Would a flat edge in a contrasting color be a better choice? I would love to have some input on this…I’ve been mulling this over since we moved in back in January.

  2. lara jane says

    Sweet! I’d seen one in another kitchen (online photos) and wondered how to track one down!

    I hope our readers don’t drive up the price before I need to order! 😉

    • pam kueber says

      Yes, Lara Jane, I did some modest research and could not find anyone else who’d covered this issue. They showed photos, but were generally quite unhelpful. They said: Go to a local metalworking shop. I tend to believe that will get very expensive, very fast.

  3. jackie says

    Ah, but these Imperial hoods appear to come in black, white, or brushed stainless. What about those of us who need copper to go with our knotty pine cabinets? The copper stuff out there is generally way too fancy–faux-Craftsman (no, Gustav Stickley did not endorse those things!) or some sort of Italian villa nightmare.

    I’m thinking my best option is to refurbish my aging model with a quieter motor and then have an automotive paint shop redo the peeling copper/brown finish. Anyone have any experience with that type of redo?

    • pam kueber says

      Imperial can do custom colors – mentioned in the post. And yes, I think that retrofitting an existing hood sounds like a strong possibility – let us know how it goes!

      • Jackie says

        Thanks, Pam. I’m thinking it might be easier (and I hope cheaper) to get that “faux copper” look with the darker brown shading around the edges working with a local paint shop. I just hope I can rework the fan function, as the thing currently sounds like a Harrier jet taking off! I’ll let you know what I find out about replacement parts availability.

  4. Marion Powell says

    I just love that scalloped trim. I going to their site now to see if I can get a 30″ in white or possibly blue. Thanks Pam.

  5. Jeff says

    Hi Pam, I will forward some photos in a day or so of my hood, an amazing 48″ “Ventahood” with dual fans, light, and best of all, in turquoise with nickel starbursts mounted to the incline. It was one of the features that sold me on the house!

    What’s so great about this site is the detail of the different subject matter- range hoods are to most people a very utilitarian thing that sort of blends into the backround- no so with retro kitchens- as often as I go to estate sales,

    I see dozens of range hoods from the post-war years that are as unique as a fingerprint.

  6. Keith g says

    Hello all: I happen to own a pristine 1950s60s chambers 42 inch brushed stainless steel range hood (fully functional) for sale to a good home. In Lakewood (near Cleveland) Ohio.

  7. Mari Vogel says

    We have a 48″ Swanson range hood that we will be using – getting a new motor for it. It cleaned up beautifully but the Swanson logo on the front is really worn. Wonder if anyone knows where I can get the metal Swanson logo

    • Pat Harris says


      I have a Swanson hood that neither the motor or light’s work. Where are you getting your motor from.

      Pat Harris

  8. amanda kiddey says

    Hi Pam, is this a custom order then? I went to both sites and did’nt see the scallop. Sorry if you already said this 🙂

  9. Bonnie K says

    I just spoke with Donald Stanley at a nice guy! He is even going to try to get the workshop to mimic my existing scallops above the sink!!! So happy!

  10. Cindy Friday Beeman says

    We found an older Broan/NuTone hood with exhaust fan in almond to go pretty well with a newer almond Tappan electric 36-wide range top. Central Distributing in Fresno, CA, during a parking lot sale. Hired a guy to install, and he redid the inside uptake flashing for the exit to the roof. What we had was not up to code; fire waiting to happen. He took apart the wooden box inside our above-hood cabinets, redid the inside, then put part of the box on so it still looks right from the front, even though it’s a little open in the back. Now we are safer, and there’s no rusted metal steaming up on our hood to add a little something extra to our food! Next, to find a new gas cooktop that is appropriate……

  11. says


    Thank you for the numerous referrals over the years to It has been a pleasure working with the homeowners.

    The price for scallop edging recently increased to $289. On the plus side, our range hoods are now available in the 200 RAL colors. RAL is the color standard utilized by appliance manufacturers and others.


    Donald /

  12. darien S. says

    This info that you posted seems to be incorrect. I looked up the hood and it is not $175. It’s a LOT more,it’s $579 plus and additional price for the scallops at about $289.

    What’s the deal?

    • pam kueber says

      Hi darien, thanks for your comment. I edited the story to clarify that the scallop trim was an upcharge and also to update the pricing.

  13. Frances Reinert says

    Hi I’m interested in a hood that you have pictured. I have a retro kitchen and would like a SS with scalloped edge, with a charcoal filter and lights. Could you give me a price?

    Fran Reinert

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