DIY stainless steel countertop: Linn installs a $3,000 countertop for $400

DIY stainless steel countertopOver at her blog The Home Project, reader Linn and her husband continue to chronicle the remodel of their adorable bungalow kitchen. Recently, they rolled up their sleeves and installed a stainless steel countertop right over the old, existing laminate countertops. The headline: When first considering the stainless steel countertop option, Linn contacted a big box hardware store and was quoted $150/s.f. for the steel countertop, including installation included. Her countertop is pretty small — just 20 s.f. Even so, that would have added up to a hefty $3,000 kitchen countertop. Researching more options, Linn found a local steel fabrication company that would cut and bend 20 gauge stainless steel to Linn’s exact template — for $400 total.

bungalow kitchen

That is a serious price difference, to put it mildly. So, Linn and her husband figured out how to do the job.. In fact, they make it look pretty in the click here –-> step-by-step tutorial on how to measure, prepare for, and install a stainless steel countertop. Nicely done, Linn — you two have mad skills, and the countertop really turned out beautifully. Your little bungalow kitchen, and your little (974 s.f.) jewel box house: simply lovely.

Update: A reader asked, in comments, how I incorporated stainless steel in my kitchen — here’s the video I made about my countertop. The stainless steel and butcher block I added shows starting minute 5:00. See all my stories about ideas for retro kitchen countertops here.


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  1. Liza says

    Hello My name is Liza and I need some help. I have a granite counter top and it is cracking. Well it is cracked and is getting worse. I am a single mom and on a strict budget so I am looking for ways to either repair it or do something like the post here but i don’t know where to start let alone look. Note I am not above ripping out the bottom cabinets and putting in stand alones but I am unsure as the pricing. Please any advice is welcomed! I look an hope to hear from you.
    Thank You,

  2. Niki says

    Where are you finding sheet metal fabricators willing to do a residential application? Everyone I’ve called says they only do commercial. I really want to do this but can’t afford the box store costs.

    • Nancy says

      Nicki–We just look for metal fabricators in the yellow pages. We don’t mention that the steel we want shaped is for a countertop; we just bring the plywood template and they do it. To be honest, my husband trained in welding, so he talks to the guys, and he may know the language that makes them happy to help out. But in our small farm town and in the bigger city nearby, we’ve not had any trouble finding small shops that are happy for the job. We bring the plywood template by and then come pick up the fabricated steel.

  3. says

    Was interested in seeing what they did, but it seems like their site has gone away. Too bad! Was looking for ideas as we’re in the beginning stages of updating our (somewhat) original 1947 kitchen.)

    • pam kueber says

      Another blog gone bye bye… it’s very difficult to keep one up — come here if you need a daily fix, we are into our 7th year and going strong!…

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