Flocked PBR wallpaper

flocked wallpaper of pabst blue ribbon beerIf flocked red PBR wallpaper does not make you fall out of your chair laughing, you scare me. Some more most excellent “flocked wallpaper” humor: HERE.

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  1. Wynonna says

    Oh Sweetie !! I grew up in old fashioned corner bars, and this was the kind of stuff that was given away to bar owners to “Jazz” the place up ! Late 60’s early 70’s……somewhere in my attic I have the faux Tiffany plastic PBR wall sconces that would have gone perfectly with this paper.
    My Grandfather was a professional Bar Fly and he had the classic 50’s knotty pine basement rec room that was decked out in beer advertising from that dated from the late 30’s all the way to the early 90’s when he quit drinking.

  2. Michael says

    Classy. Any secret basement mantuary going the retro renovation vibe can do this justice. Just please, don’t drink the stuff. Cook with it. Make beer can chicken, but yikes, no PBR drinking.

  3. says

    wow, it was at $39.99 a couple hours ago, already up to $152, it’s really cool, but there isn’t even that much of it to do an entire wall or anything.

  4. TappanTrailerTami says

    Wowza – but curious that it is RED rather than BLUE, as in “Blue Ribbon”. So, since it IS red, and there is a letter “B” on it, I’d say it is Pabst Bordello wall paper 🙂

  5. Kersten says

    HEELLLOOOO WISCONSIN! Yikes! This wallpaper is awesome! Wish I had the place and the coin for it! It’s already over $400 smackers!

  6. Kelly says

    HOLY KAZAM BATMAN!! That is awesome… I wish I had a basement here in Milwaukee to do that PBR flocking proud. *sigh*

  7. nina462 says

    I remember a childhood friends parents bathroom had red & black flocked wall paper. About a year ago, I stopped by that house (new owners were having a garage sale) – I asked if they still had the wallpapered bathroom & looked at me like I was out of my mind.

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