Stunning midcentury modern house — 28 photos of Gabe & Amanda’s 1954 time capsule house

“Luckily we didn’t have the money
to do all the renovations we wanted right away,
because we ended up falling in love with many of the
original aspects that we had considered changing.”

mid century modern house

gabriel and amanda nickerson

© Kyle L. Pearce 2011

Gabriel and Amanda own a stunning house, designed by architect John Erwin Ramsay, in North Carolina. “Own” may not be the right word, though: To me, Gabe and Amanda clearly have taken on the role as “caretakers” of this house with so many original features. Above: Holey Jetsons, one of my newest favoritest kitchens ever. Continue on for the story and 27 more photos of this beautiful home.

midcentury modern kitchen

Gabe writes:

We spent about year looking for the perfect house, and in 2007 while working out of town Amanda did an internet search for a nearby county.  As soon as she saw it she called Gabe and told me she’d found our house!

midcentury modern house north carolinaWe weren’t looking for midcentury, but it was looking for us.   During our first visit we were surprised to find the door was unlocked.

We stayed for hours planning out exactly what we would do once we owned it.  We had to have it!

courtyard in midcentury modern houseLuckily we didn’t have the money to do all the renovations we wanted right away, because we ended up falling in love with many of the original aspects that we had considered changing.

rock gardenDuring the five years we have lived in our very original, mid- mod we have fallen in love with this house over and over.

midcentury modern houseWe can’t imagine living anywhere else.

foyerWith the help of George Smart of ( we located our architect and discovered our house plans were stored in the N.C. State University School of Design Archives.

midcentury modern living roomSince this discovery we have worked to locate and document other works by the same architect, John Erwin Ramsay AIA, of Salisbury, N.C.

midcentury modern furniture and masketeersWe started immediately collecting pieces from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. This passion for authentic pieces has continued to grow.  We eventually sold all our furniture and accessories to be replaced with vintage pieces.

mod kitchenYes, everything has to be vintage… even the can opener, umbrellas, and pot holders. We love going out as close to period as we can on everything! and even have a closet full of vintage clothes, purses, jewelry, hats, ties, etc.. p.s. even a pink ’62 Caddy and ’60 Ford truck.

1962 cadillac(The 1962 Caddy is Amanda’s, and it is a mostly original survivor car.

1962 cadillac in laurelAnd it is the original factory color, “Laurel”. Elvis would just call it pink!

1960 ford pickup truckThe 1960 truck is ruff but it has such character! I have enjoyed it so much more than anything new!…Rust Rules!

cute dogs(BTW the dogs are “Ellie” (white) and “Lucy” (black).)

original midcentury modern bathroomWe were always drawn to old, simpler times as well as simple clever design… I’m an artist and a musician so I’ve always been enamored with interesting lines, colors and the practical / impractical Design for the sake of Art and usability.midcentury lampSome specifics about the house..   it was built in 1954, it is 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ bath, 3000 sq feet and sits on 5 acres.  We purchased it from the original owner and had the privilege of his sons visiting us a few years ago.

terrazzo flooringWe learned so much about the house from this visit, including that the terrazzo flooring was laid by 2 men they flew in from from Italy …..

vintage dinetteHow do you even begin to do that without the internet?????

midcentury house sign and custom mailboxCheck out my house sign I made and custom mail box stand my dad helped me make out of steel tubing!

midcentury modern mailboxThe mailbox is period, I just took it apart, restored it and painted it to match the house.

washington senators stickers on 1950s bathroom tileThe stickers on the bathroom tile are original and feature teams from the 50’s and their old logo’s some aren’t even around anymore like the Washington senators!

barry and mark levinThe boys who stuck these on as kids ended up visiting us and checking out what we’ve been doing. (They posed for photo during their visit, above, from left: Barry and Mark Levin.) They remember sticking them there.

midcentury modern kitchen in north caroliaSome other great features: Check out the Thermador double ovens and warmers.. Original CRAZY wallpaper overhead in the background!!!!

herman miller shelving
… the Herman Miller desk and drawers set..

vintage pool umbrellaBig umbrellas by the pool.. (pool unrestored but a whopping 25′ x 40′.

We love living with and using our mid century pieces every day.  It has become so normal to us living this way that it is sometimes funny when someone starts commenting on one of our period staples like the double Thermador ovens or the vintage toaster. It makes you stop and think about the fact that some of that stuff and this house is approaching 60 years old! Boy they don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

gabriel and amanda nicholson by kyle pierce photographyPortaits of Gabe and Amanda: By © Kyle L. Pearce 2011 Kyle Pierce Photography

Wow. Gabe and Amanda, it is clear that you are Livin’ the Dream. Thank you so much for sharing! xoxo


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  1. mary hershelman says

    Just one of my favorites of all time…absolutely gorgeous. And the Grey and Green bath are the same colors I plan to do my GE kitchen if I ever want to undertake that project again.
    Thanks for posting this again.

  2. Lisa says

    Just fabulous! Truly like walking through a time machine. I can see Don Draper (Mad Men) fixing a cocktail and relaxing on the patio. Great job!

  3. Gabriel Nicholson says

    Thanks!! Yes, there isn’t a pic on the site of it but we have an early ’60’s Zenith with the pointy legs- you can see more pics on my Facebook page under house pics- thanks for your love of mid mid madness- your not alone!! Lol

    • Gabriel Nicholson says

      Thanks!! Yes, there isn’t a pic on the site of it but we have an early ’60′s Zenith with the pointy legs- you can see more pics on my Facebook page under house pics- thanks for your love of mid mod madness- your not alone!! Lol

  4. Catherine says

    Thanks for the shout out to George Smart and NCMH! I have been a happy volunteer since 2011 and you couldn’t meet a better guy or someone more devoted to MCM homes. It’s been a real pleasure to work with him (and the other crazies like me!) and even more, to call him a friend! The architectural community needs more George Smarts 🙂

  5. Ann Rubacha says

    Your home is incredible !!
    I so enjoyed the pictures !
    Loved it ….blast from the past …..Beautiful!

  6. Cysco says

    Amazing house, but why are you only showing us a small corner of the fireplace? We demand a full fireplace shot! 🙂

  7. Anne says

    The answer to my question may be amongst the 188 comments, but in the article they mention being able to make the mailbox post. How do I go about contacting them about that?

  8. emily leon says

    This was my grandparents house whole life from 1983 when I was born and spent my life growing up visiting that house until my grandmother passed is 2006. I miss that house so much and when I close my eyes I can picture that house the way or was in every single room. Best house and memories ever!

    • Gabriel Nicholson says

      Emily, it’s so great to hear from you- how did you find out about the article? We would love to hear more about the house and see any pics you may have that were taken here back then!

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