9 places to find aluminum Christmas trees — vintage and reproduction

retro Aluminum-Christmas TreeWith the holiday season fast approaching, it won’t be long before it is time to put up the decorations. Other than a live Christmas tree, a retro aluminum tree — like reader BusyBhive’s tree, above, from our uploader Tinselmania: 73 vintage aluminum Christmas trees — is one of the most authentically vintage ways to decorate for the holidays. Golly, do we love our aluminum Christmas trees! Unless you are lucky enough to have one that’s been in the family for years, you’ll have to do a little searching to locate one of these tinsel beauties. I’ve scoured the internet and racked my brain to bring you this list of 9 places to find vintage and reproduction aluminum Christmas trees to add a little — no, a lotta! — sparkle to your holiday decor.

Please note, my list only includes real aluminum trees – not tinsel ones or ones made from plastic with some sort of tinsel coating.

1960s-pom-pom-treeAbove: Reader MrsErinD’s retro 60’s aluminum tree.

Where to find new reproduction aluminum Christmas trees

Yuletide-Expressions-Aluminum Christmas trees1. Yuletide Expressions — drats, now out of business:

This seems to be the best place online to find new reproduction aluminum Christmas trees. But you better act quickly. I emailed the company asking for more information and the sad story is — they have stopped production of these fantastic reproduction aluminum trees at their plant in Cooperstown, North Dakota. They will be selling off their remaining stock and once it is gone — it’s gone forever.

There are two styles — the classic aluminum Christmas trees and slimline aluminum Christmas trees — which are each available in several sizes from four- to nine-feet tall. Yuletide Expressions also offers replacement parts for their trees and color wheels to help you achieve the complete retro holiday experience. Another fun treat –they seem to have found a vintage Alcoa guide to decorating your aluminum Christmas tree <– and they have made it available as a handy downloadable guide.

Yuletide Expressions trees are also available through their resellers — Oak Tree Vintage and Elements Gifts and Decor — two more places to look for the remaining stock of these aluminum trees.


2. Amazon

On Amazon, I could find just one Genuine Aluminum Christmas tree available (shown above). It is less expensive than any offered by Yuletide Expressions, but note, the reviews are mixed about the quality of this tree. I also can’t find anything in the description or reviews about where this tree is made.

Where to find authentic vintage aluminum Christmas trees

Alexander-Girard-ornaments3. Ebay

There are — of course — a wealth of vintage aluminum Christmas trees to be had on Ebay. Many different styles, heights, colors and branch types — For example: Vintage Pom Poms, like reader Drew’s above, are hot hotter hottest. While there are still some bargains to be had on Ebay, be prepared to shell out some of the green stuff — some vintage trees can fetch several hundred dollars at auction.

*the search box above is an ebay affiliate link. Buy any item from ebay when you click through our links and we get a little spiff.

aluminum-tree vintage

4. Etsy

A variety of vintage aluminum trees can also be found on etsy.com, and you bypass the frustrations of an auction. Once again, sizes, colors, styles and price points vary widely.Above: Reader modshawn found his gorgeous vintage hunka metal on etsy.


aluminum christmas-tree

The hunt: Estate sales, yard sales, vintage shops, Craigslist & “Mom’s attic”

I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing blogger Uncle Atom probably got his aluminum Christmas tree (above) from one of these sources. There are some real deals to be had on vintage aluminum Christmas trees — most likely you will find the best deals available when you are on the prowl at estate sales, yard sales, vintage shops, craigslist and everybody’s favorite — family attics and basements. The best time to do your aluminum tree hunting in the off season — when prices aren’t driven up by holiday demand and folks are doing their annual house purges.

Pam adds that, while she generally does not go to estate sales early (because she has way more than “enough” stuff already, if you are on the hunt specifically for vintage Christmas, this might be a reason to get up early, grab a cuppa and get in line. Conversely, though, in the dead of summer, when folks just aren’t in the holiday mood, she often sees vintage Christmas decorations still available in the final hours of the sale at half-price, or better. Throw everything in a big box and ask very very nicely, “How much?” and you might be surprised by the price you are quoted to take the stuff off the estate sale organizer’s hands.

No matter where you find your vintage (or new) aluminum Christmas tree — REMEMBER — these types of trees were not made for electric lights. Remember: NOELNO Electric Lights on aluminum Christmas trees.

Readers — Do you have an aluminum Christmas tree?
Where did you find yours?

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  1. Ramona Dahl says

    HEB Grocery in Texas has small tabletop silver trees for $3.50 each. I think it is a great deal, as I am unable to find full size. I plan to make a tree skirt and put my shiny brite ornaments on it.

  2. Adee Jo says

    I found my treasure at an Estate Sale..I went for the Shiny Brite
    ornaments and found a beautiful vintage tree for $10.00 ..Also grabbled
    one of the HEB small silvers for smaller Shiny Brite ornaments.
    (thanks for the tip Ramona)

  3. Kathryn Lynne says

    I went to an estate sale. The adult kids were selling off their folks stuff. I looked up in the rafters in the garage and noticed some boxes. I pointed them out to the daughter, as I didn’t want them to overlook something important to them and she told me “Oh thats Mom’s old Christmas crap. I didn’t get it down, because there’s nothing worth selling”. I offered her $5 for everything and hauled home 5 boxes to go through. I nearly had a heart attack. One 5ft aluminum tree. boxes and boxes of shiny brite and european ornaments, noma bubble lights etc. everything in original packaging.
    So so so glad I asked.

  4. Carla Marie says

    Did anyone’s parents have a aluminum Christmas Tree stand; along with the color wheel that played a few Christmas Songs? We did..1964 or 1965…I’m looking …thx everyone

  5. Pauline says

    I just bought a aluminum tree at an auction. The branches are silver and blue. It was made by US Silver Tree Co. Scranton PA. Can anyone tell me about this tree. It is 4 1/2 Ft.

  6. Carol says

    Hello, hoping someone can help with this…..I have all the aluminum branches and the box, but no pole!!!! Have been trying to find replacement pole and standing brackets to no avail. It was my Nana’s tree and I have no idea where the pole went. Thanks for any help at all.

    • Trudy says

      Hi Carol,

      You should be able to purchase two 1″ – 2″ wooden dowels from a hardware store to use as the tree trunk. You’ll need to spray the dowels with metallic silver paint (or brush on would work too), and get a heavy metal pin to hold the two dowels together. Drill holes in the middle of the dowel ends that will meet, the metal pin should be long and strong enough to hold the top of the tree with branches in place on the bottom half of tree.

      Using a long piece of cord/yarn/thread start from the top of tree and wind the cord around until you get to the bottom of tree. Use a permanent marker and mark dots along the winding cord until you reach the bottom of the tree. The number of branches you have will be the best way to know how many dots to make, because every dot will be where you need to drill to make a hole that will hold one of those branches.

      Once you have the dots marked, drill holes slightly larger than the branch thickness, and drill then at an angle doing down into the trunk from the top (so when you put your branches in they look naturally positioned).

      When your tree is ready to go getting a base to hold it is an easy thing to do. You could use an everyday, run of the mill tree stand, you just will never have to water your “new” tree. You could also spray paint the old green stand silver, so it would not be an eyesore under your glittering tree.

      Hope that makes sense and helps!


    • says

      I have a 3ft aluminium tree whose branches are a bit worse for wear. Have you thought of selling your branches-providing they are in good condition? Thank you

  7. Allen Parker says

    I have an aluminum tree I bought at a resale shop several years back. It didn’t have a box, so I stored it in a long plastic box.Last year, as I took it out to set it up, needles fell off, in great numbers. Anybody got a suggestion how to repair it and keep more from falling off?

  8. John says

    I got my Peco tree from the rafters of a beach house my parents bought. The old lady died and her entire house was covered in pre 1970 stuff. The kids later came in and cleared it out but did manage to leave quite a bit of cool stuff. They even threw out her liquor which was luckily saved. Still need a color wheel for the tree though.

  9. Neil says

    Going to estate sales over the years, I’ve come across quite a few aluminum trees, but over the last three years or so the supply has completely dried up! But I was lucky to find a few years back, and keep for myself, natch, a 6-foot AND an 8-foot PINK aluminum christmas tree. I tell you, they are simply Fab-u-lous.

  10. wc says

    My friend had an aluminum tree but the base was a solid square tri color flood light that shone up into the middle of the tree…I have yet to see another like it…

  11. Annmarie says

    I have an aluminum tree in the original box with each branch packed in its original separate sleeve. I also have the
    color wheel. The only problem is that it’s missing one pole, it’s now a five foot tree instead of 6 and the wheel has a melted spot on the plastic where it may have stoppped spinning.

  12. Janelle Brinkley says

    Has anyone tried using the newer LED christmas lights on an old aluminum tree? Not sure if this would work or be safe? I know the led lights pit out very little heat! I want to use my aluminum tree, but want to use lights rather than a color wheel, but not if its unsafe.

  13. Melanie says

    Don’t forget the color wheel! So much easier than untangling lights. And safer I’ve been told. We had a aluminum tree during my elementary years. I always wanted a “green” tree. I have a green but it’s fake also.

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