What’s in my camera: 26 inspirations

norman rockwell family treeSo, yup, the year is winding down. I decided to go into my Lightroom (where I have 32,346 photos currently archived) to see what random beauty I could find from 2012. Perty stuff, inspiring stuff. First up: A close up of Norman Rockwell’s cheeky “Family Tree”. We visited the museum in October — they permit photos — and when I come out, it’s always like I was punch drunk, I take so many photos. Family Tree is super amusing because the main faces repeat through the ups and downs of every single generation — all the way to the 1960s family. It’s nice to see this museum of American illustration — which is just down the road from my house — doing so well. Another 20+ photos from my camera follow –>

hehe, I love the pirate!

ringling museumSticking with the artsy fartsy, I got punch drunk at the Ringling Museum, too, when DH and I were in Sarasota in June.

ringling musuem paintingDontcha be thinking we invented color! My bad, I have no idea who these artists are. After about an hour of true studenthood, I just wander around and snap crackle pop.

pittsfield massachusettsInteresting brickwork on a house in Pittsfield, Mass. Surely there must be a name for this effect / technique … But, stop calling me Shirley.


Bath towels spotted at Homegoods.

colonial bedColonial style bed against vintage wallpaper at a lovely estate sale at an even more lovely house surely designed by Royal Barry Wills.

braided rugBraided rug in same RBW house.Look to the floors, peoples, for great deals like this! Braided rugs are ever so versatile!

nutmegVintage wallpaper at another estate sale. Yum.

retro genieI visited Retro Genie in Northampton a month or so ago. I love this woman and her store. Hey: Is that my 2013 Color of the Year on the walls? Way to go, Jeanne!

coat rackThe coat rack at my doctor’s office.

wrought iron cabinet hardwareWrought iron cabinet hardware at the Restore in Pittsfield, Mass.

switch plate coversSwitch plate covers must have been from the same house.

aquak sinkBuckle up for this one: Aqua sink top, also at the Restore in Pittsfield: Last time I was there, this was still there…

porcelain bathroom sink topThey also had a few of these smaller china porcelain sink tops — I don’t think you can get these in porcelain any more, just plastic. LOVE.

metal bedsMetal beds… use them to make a garden trellis thingie, maybe?

hollywood regencyThis Hollywood Regency style headboard was just $45 — and king sized. What a fantastic deal.

harrys supermarketHarry’s Supermarket in Pittsfield shut down, and was torn down. This store on North Street had all the letters. They were $20 each, but I was not in that kind of spending mood. They were cool, though, and BIG.

shiny britesShiny Brites galore at a July estate sale. It was bloody hot. So no one was buying. Including me. Even though they were cheap. I am so stupid sometimes. So very very very very very very stupid.

lombard illinoisNo. I buy empty decorative Jim Beam bottles celebrating the 1969 centennial of Lombard, Illinois, thinking, “I’ll make this into an adorable lamp.” Stop me, someone, please.

sears faucetI have this kitchen faucet. In a box. New Old Stock. Sears. I have, like, five vintage kitchen faucets. At least.

blond furnitureBlond furniture spotted at Berkshire County Used Furniture.

vintage grass catcherThere’s just something about old stuff. Like, you can SEE it’s made better, even before you touch it.

construction areaSpotted at estate sale.

Peace, out.


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  1. Janet in CT says

    Great photos, Pam! I just love that illustrated family tree. You have a couple of typos – the Hollywood bed is kinG sized, not kind sized, isn’t it? And next down, the letters are at a storE, not story? Unless I can’t read any more. The sign for college kids to keep out is terrific! I saw a sign in an antique shop years ago where the proprietor must get bored silly with people telling him they or their parents or grandparents had one of the items in the shop. It read: “No-one is interested in what your grandmother has except your grandfather”.

  2. Annie B. says

    Hey, Shirley – I mean, Pam,

    Is the brickwork technique on the house in Pittsfield known as “rustication”? I haven’t checked on this yet, but just pulled it out of my fading memory.

    These photographs are a remarkable montage. Show us more!

  3. says

    I saw that Norman Rockwell painting last year and loved it! There was a special traveling Rockwell exhibit at the DAI that we went to see. I enjoyed it very much and would love to go to the actual museum some time. I bought a little print of “Coming and Going” to have framed for my kitchen, which is still sitting unframed in the bag it came in. Need to get on that I guess. Thanks for sharing!

  4. TappanTrailerTami says

    Great photos Pam, all of them! But………why oh why is the NOS Fabulous Faucet still in a box? Why is it not attached to your sink, or even better, my sink????

    I agree, the King headboard is just swoon worthy at that price!

    Let me know when the faucet is coming to live with me, k? haha.

  5. Marta says

    Love the “Stop me, someone. Please.” We all have our ‘stop me, someone’ items, don’t we? A weakness we just can’t seem to tame? Frequently found along with a ‘stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid me’ missed opportunity. How about a ‘stop me’ uploader to liven things up in January? We could all contribute a picture of something we bought with, shall we say industrious intentions, that now languishes in a dark storage corner. Maybe include a challenge to make the project happen or rehome the item.

    I admit I was the Queen of Stop Me, but a few years ago my New Year’s resolution was to stick to the list of what I actually needed/wanted when I was thrifting. The first few months were hard, but being able to say, “It’s not on my list” prooved to be very empowering. It made it easier and easier to walk away, even with the vendor offering to lower the price. The better I got at telling myself no, the more I seemed to find just what I was looking for, too. Maybe the thrifting gods are rewarding me, lol.

  6. Jay says

    Pam, you made my day! I am laughing. Why don’t you kick yourself as well as call yourself stupid. I don’t blame you, I don’t think I would even be at an estate sale in the first place if it was hot.
    I really enjoyed my visit to the museum years ago, it was great to see the original paintings for the illustrations.
    That aqua sink with the faucets is sharp looking and appears to be in good condition. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Robin, NV says

    I’m pretty sure the house is made of clinker bricks. My husband lived in an apartment building that was entirely made of clinkers. I could be wrong but I think it was a somewhat common look in the 1920s and ’30s.

    • Jay says

      I believe you are correct. Shirley, if you are reading, check out Old House Journal, on-line, they have an interesting article on clinker brick. It was popular to build an entire house with them in the colonial style.

  8. gsciencechick says

    I really like the porcelain sink top, and I think it would actually fit our bathroom sink. Thanks for sharing all the photos!

  9. Marta says

    Pam, your Jim Beam lamp project reminded me of how hard it is to find lampshades that’ll work with spiral cfl bulbs and vintage lamps. For task lighting in the sewing room, I hung a pair of vintage wall lamps converted from milk glass candle(?) bases. They came with tired clip-on shades. Clip-ons don’t work with CFLs. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to replace them. Then I ran into this simple product that makes clip-on shades work on any bulb type. http://www.magictoob.com/Home_Page_EKTY.php

  10. Jana (Berniecat) says

    Fun photo montage. You “had” me at the Rockwell Family Tree…. BTW, doesn’t the Civil War soldier in the family tree look just like Matthew Broderick when he played Col. Robert Shaw in the movie Glory?
    I drooled at the Shiny Brites (no matter what time of year, I’m always ready for vintage Christmas decor) and I will arm wrestle Tappan Trailer Tami for the Sears sink if you ever decide to part with it 🙂
    Thanks for the interesting peek at your “purty” stuff from your travels in 2012.

  11. says

    Is it too weird to share that the copy of The Saturday Evening Post with Norman Rockwell’s “The Family Tree” on the cover is sittiing in my bathroom right now? I hope not. Great pics!

  12. Adisson says

    Hi, I have the same kitchen faucet from Sears NIB and installed it. Only problem is it leaks :(. I am looking into new hot and cold valves but I am also looking for a whole new one because the body of mine maybe no good. Would you happen to have one for sale or trade?

    Let me know thanks have a good day.

  13. Kelly says

    What is the Hollywood regency bed made out of? I have the same bed but it’s broken and I’m trying to repair but not sure what to use to repair it.

    • pam kueber says

      I am not selling it, Katelyn… It’s for my “museum.” Please also note that vintage faucets may not be up to current manufacturing standards for things like lead — be sure to do your own research/get with experts on this issue so you can make informed decisions.

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