483 wonderful original architectural details from reader houses

wall panelOh, how we love thee:  The original features — big and small — in our homes. They managed to avoid the curse of the previous owner update. Or, maybe you found a time capsule whose first owner who knew they had something good, and didn’t change a thing.  Yes, we neeeeeeeded to see the original “they don’t make ‘em like that anymore” architectural details and features in readers’ old houses — and you gave us 483 photos, to be exact! There is some FANTASTIC stuff in here! Uploader is now closed — thanks, everyone, for playing.  Time to gawk!  Above: Close-up of the room divider in Andy A’s 1962 house. Oh my! See? We bet you’re gawkin’ already. :)

To see the slide show, click on the thumbnail, it will enlarge, then use the arrows just below to move forward or back. You can start or stop the show from any slide.

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  1. says

    It’s totally the cats pajamas here with all this eye candy!

    We are in the process of redecorating our bedroom. So I came here to relax. Started to post pics. But forgot to add my handle/name on the pic of my accordion bedroom door and toile carpet.

    I will add it from here out when I post pics of my bath.

    How fun it will be to check back and see all the weekends posts!

    Silly me,
    Roxanne – Crete, Ne

  2. Janet in CT says

    To the reader who posted the photo of the pink bathroom with Morrocan print wallpaper, I think that is a marvelous look. Is that vanity tapered? You are so fortunate to have this look and I wish we could see more of it. I could not read the print under the photo so I hope that you read this and can add it to the comments. I am always pleased to see someone saved a pink bathroom! To my greatest chagrin, I did not save mine in my first home, a 1958 ranch, but that was 1978 and what did I know then?

  3. says

    Oh my god, the green bathroom with the ‘shark fin’ shower! I’d totally have bought the house for that room too!…and I’d be sleeping in that shower! Gorgeous!

  4. Diane of PA says

    Its just mind blowing that of all of the people that have uploaded photos no one has the same details.,everyone has something very different and unique! Keep em coming……….!

    • pam kueber says

      I KNOW! I agree, Diane — it’s just amazing what’s out there! So many fabulous details — including in mid century MODEST houses!

  5. Erin says

    Doug Camin, I love your split! (Reminds me a lot of ours!) Would love to see more! The scale of your furniture in here is really great!

    • says

      Thanks Erin! We lucked out on the furniture in the living room – the sectional couch and end table were purchased by my Grandparents in the early 1960s. The couch has always sat in the exact same spot, so there are old pictures and slides of family sitting on the couch (with different upholstery) that you can hold up and look at sort of like peering through a time machine. We keep a blog chronicling the work we’ve been doing and it has a lot of other pictures. You can click on my name here and it will take you there.

  6. Meg says

    I’m so blown away by the Batchelder stairs! Do you happen to have any pix of it facing forward? I’m trying to create one in my home from gorgeous salvaged tile, but I can’t find any examples of what an original Batchelder staircase might have looked like.

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