483 wonderful original architectural details from reader houses

wall panelOh, how we love thee:  The original features — big and small — in our homes. They managed to avoid the curse of the previous owner update. Or, maybe you found a time capsule whose first owner who knew they had something good, and didn’t change a thing.  Yes, we neeeeeeeded to see the original “they don’t make ’em like that anymore” architectural details and features in readers’ old houses — and you gave us 483 photos, to be exact! There is some FANTASTIC stuff in here! Uploader is now closed — thanks, everyone, for playing.  Time to gawk!  Above: Close-up of the room divider in Andy A’s 1962 house. Oh my! See? We bet you’re gawkin’ already. 🙂

To see the slide show, click on the thumbnail, it will enlarge, then use the arrows just below to move forward or back. You can start or stop the show from any slide.


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  1. Meg says

    I’m so blown away by the Batchelder stairs! Do you happen to have any pix of it facing forward? I’m trying to create one in my home from gorgeous salvaged tile, but I can’t find any examples of what an original Batchelder staircase might have looked like.

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