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  1. Judy H. says

    About 28 years ago, I got my 6 yr. old daughter a pair of these. She about wore the ears right off of them! They were the ONLY shoes she wore inside the house. She cried when she outgrew them and I couldn’t find them any more. Her birthday is coming up…guess what she is getting?!

    • Pencils says

      My six-year-old has very adorable fox slippers from Hanna Andersson. She doesn’t wear them enough though, runs around barefoot when my own feet are freezing unless I have on socks and slippers. Which may very well be in a pair of bunny slippers, if they come in size giant…

    • Mary Elizabeth says

      These are definitely a blast from the past! I’m sure a lot of readers will hop on their computers and buy some. But while I have your ear, Pam, the picture seems to be a bit fuzzy. Can you adjust it a hare?

      OK, I’ll stop now.

  2. Mag says

    Around our house one only sees Monty Python & the Holy Grail bunny slippers.

    Death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth! 8^)

  3. carolynapplebee says

    I still remember when I was six and me and my sister got baby blue kitty cat house shoes. and matching quilted bathrobes. I loved those things!!!

  4. NM Porter says

    I have these from your original vendor, and the Monty Python Attack Rabbit slippers! We also have to two house rabbits who don’t fully understand why there are bunnies on Mom-mom’s feet…

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