Happy 9th birthday!

I forget by a day every year — happy birthday to we — we’re nine — yesterday, Oct. 26! That’s like, what — 35 years — in blog years? To celebrate, I’m taking Friday off to go estate-sale-ing — see you Monday!


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  1. TraceyC says

    When you are only nine….if is FUN to celebrate your birthday!

    Thanks for all you do. Happy, happy ninth birthday!!!!

  2. Evan says

    Congratulations girls! I love this site, even more now that we’re restoring our 1948 rancher. 😉
    Thought I’d say that I just saw some pink boomerang Wilsonart (I think) on CL. Not big pieces, but maybe for a project like that cool vanity I just saw here.
    Anyway, kudos to you both! When we get moving again on our project ($$ of course) we’ll send pics!
    Evan and John Degenfelder
    Lebanon OR

  3. Laurie C. says

    Happy Birthday to you, Pam and RetroRenovation! And a happy day to all of us who so enjoy your posts and finds!! We’re all so glad you started and continue what is both a resource and highlight to our week, so Happy, Happy (music in the background—) AND MANY MORE!!

  4. Joe Felice says

    ONLY-9 years? Seems like we’ve been doing this a lot longer! This site has been an amazing resource and a big help, though I must admit extreme jealousy over the big renovations that people make.

  5. Karen says

    Happy Anniversary!!!
    Looking forward to your Sunday e-mail makes my day:) I have learned so much from your site, seen gorgeous furniture, happy houses, heard what your other followers contribute. A genuinely warm family that I’m proud to be part of-thanks for creating all this.

  6. Ruth Hoefert says

    Happy Birthday! I haven’t been with you the whole time, I wish I had! I so enjoy your stories! I grew up in a midcentury ranch house, I don’t know if it still exists,so I enjoy the visual treats.

  7. mangdalene lawson says

    Happy Birthday may you continue your success. I love your exceedingly helpful hints and tips. thank you

  8. Rose LaBounty says

    Happy 9th Birthday! I always enjoy reading your articles. You have the best ideas! Thanks for all you do!

  9. Linda says

    Happy 9th Birthday!!!! 🎉🍸🍸🎉. Thank you for inspiring me, informing me, and generally enriching my life! XO

  10. Mary says

    I just found your fabulous website this year. It is so wonderful. Always save it to read for when I have plenty of time to enjoy it. I lived through those special days and your posts and info bring back so many wonderful memories. I so wish I had appreciated this style sooner, as when we moved into this house we had a 50’s bathroom and kitchen and tore them out. I could really kick myself. Amazing how one’s style preferences change over the years. Keep up the great work. Happy birthday.

  11. Carolyn says

    Thank you for everything you do and especially for your guidance with the renovation of my 1940’s kitchen!
    Happy birthday Pam, Kate, & Retrorenovation!!

  12. Rick G says

    Happy Birthday RR !!!! – And Pam, although you miss Kate ( as we all do ) , your doing a great job & I’m sure everything will be fine; it may take some time to adjust; but I know you’ll work it out – I have faith in you – just do what you can; don’t sweat it !!!!

  13. Stephanie Shaffer says

    Keep it going – I love your blog! Even though I am a renter it always inspires me and gets my imagination spinning beautiful reels….

  14. Penny says

    Happy Birthday Retro Renovation! Love your site, Pam, and all the helpful information. I have been a lover of everything mid-century modern for many years now and it was so great to happen on your site a few years ago. I have enjoyed it ever since. (P.S.–If you are looking for a new Kate, I’m your woman!, except I’m on the East Coast but guess I could help you remotely!)

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