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The Drexel Profile furniture collection was designed by John Van Koert, and it was in production from 1955 to 1961. Van Koert started out as a jewelry designer for Harry Winston after WWII and later branched into industrial design. He also is well known for designing silver for Towle, particularly the Contour design; his particular attention to the drawer pulls and other hardware on Profile pieces is noted in the catalog. Thanks to Femme1 for obtaining this information – including this complete 1960 catalog, courtesy of the excellent customer service at Drexel.  Femme1 owns the walnut dining table and chairs #K40, and the round extension table, with #K62, the side chairs.

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1960 catalog – complete:


  1. WP says

    I just picked up a K37 Buffet and K35 deck (both manufactured in ’59). I got at an estate sale. I couldn’t be more pleased. It is my first MCM piece and hope to obtain more.

  2. Tricia says

    I am trying to locate information on a piece of furniture I have.
    It is a china hutch. The following is stamped on the back of the piece:
    Best Buy
    by Drexel
    Any information you have would be great… thanks in advance!

  3. Dale B. Wedge says

    I went to an estate sale yesterday and purchased the following in the New Travis Court Collection – dated 1956. All are mint:

    Table with 3 extra leaves and 8 chairs;
    Corner China Cabinet;
    Large base with China cabinet against wall;

    All chairs still have the plastic on them.

    All for $500.00. Good deal?

  4. Mary Alice Galligan says

    I have the Drexel Profile Drop Leaf dining table (K41). It was my mom’s original table, bought in NYC in Sept. 1955. I stupidly got rid of the leaves and now want to use the table. Any suggestions on how to get at least one replacement leaf?

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Mary Alice, the first place I would send you to is: Drexel. Their customer service has been very helpful to others who asked vintage questions. Are you going to use table pads and a tablecloth? If so, I guess it wouldn’t matter what the leaves look like as long as they fit….Good luck, let us know how it turns out.

  5. Mary Alice says

    Hi Pam: Wonderful website and such a good resource. Yes, I did contact Drexel via e-mail yesterday. I really want to get a good replacement leaf that will match the table. Now I’m scouting for a reliable furniture craftsman in Kansas City to tackle the task.

    PS: My mother (at 74) has jumped in with great interest when I told her of my research. Now she’s checking the stamps on her sideboard and hutch. So much fun.

  6. Barbara says

    I just took my mom’s old desk out of my duaghters room and was going to break it apart and throw it away. My husband stopped me because he loved the dove tailed drawers and said, “maybe it’s worth something?”

    It is a K95 desk (if I can read the catalog number) and it has the original pulls and everything. Unfortunaltely a few years ago, I stripped the top of the desk. Nothing else though. Can I sell it? For how much?

  7. Chris Wright says

    I purchased a Drexel 5 drawer dresser the other day. It has the stamp in the drawer and 7261-2-158 Projection stamped on the back. I can’t find any other description. Could you help!! Thanks,

  8. Jeff says

    John Van Koert also designed a line called “Counterpoint” of which I have had several pieces over the years. Done in a natural teak finish with concave wood recesses showcasing the brass pointed teardrop pulls.

    Had a dresser in this series in white lacquer with a reverse-decorated custom mirrored top that resembled flames in red and orange.

  9. Chris Wright says

    After a days research I just learned that the “projection” is the line….OK a little slow here. Any info where I can find pictures of the Projection line like the Profile pix you have on the site here?
    I love this site by the way!!

  10. Jill says

    I have two of these pieces; K13-2 Occasional Chest (pictured in image 1 of 29 above) and KS6-4of 57 (pictured in image 16 of 29 above).

    Not sure if I want to sell or keep them…if I were to sell, can anyone suggest a fair price. They have normal wear and tear and one table has a small chip in the top back corner.


  11. Karen says

    I just purchased 2 step end tables at an estate sale. One of the tables is stamped ‘Projection’ with date of 8/59. The tables appear to be identical in every way (including dimensions) to the step end table in the pictured ‘Profile’ catalog.

  12. Janet says

    Beautiful furniture line. I inherited my Mom and Dad’s bedroom set: dresser with attached mirror, high dresser, night stand, and twin bed frames. It has held up remarkably well and the finish still looks wonderful.

  13. Becky says

    I have a 1960 Drexel sideboard buffet with Mahogany Association Inc. sticker 160 inside. It is in pretty good condition, some knicks. How do I find out what the value is? I looked at Drexel’s customer service and it mentions that they are not taking any more questions about old pieces. Any suggestions?

  14. Erin N says

    Hi everyone,

    This website has been such a help. I just purchased a canned wooden chair from Salvation Army for $25. It’s tagged as a Drexel chair and has another smaller tag, underneath the cushion, that reads “F. Kincaid.” It’s in nearly new condition with no stains, tears, or knicks. The pattern of the fabric is light yellow and a soft green, almost plaid like pattern.

    I did some research and found that Kincaid is (currently) a separate furniture company with no direct customer service line. I also noticed Drexel’s customer service isn’t taking any questions on older furniture but am going to try there anyways.

    Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone on this form has a similar piece or if they know of any other websites specializing in information on vintage Drexel furniture.

    Thanks so much. This website has been such a help!

  15. Leslie Logan says

    I just inherited quite a few pieces of this line. I am wondering how I can get replacement handles and also find out how much they are worth. I have
    K4 with mirror
    K38 with open deck
    K64 arm chair 1
    K64 side chairs 5
    and also a side table but did not see it listed above.


  16. aoi says

    I just got a table with chairs that looks very similar in design to the Profile line, but is made of mahogany. Does anyone if the Profile series was made strictly in walnut/pecan wood, or was there a switch to mahogany at some point? The only info I have found (stamped on the bottom of the table) is #7002-1, made in 1957.

  17. Colleen says

    I have recently inherited from my Grandmother the K35 Buffet and K35 Deck. I love it, but it is missing one of the glass pieces and I cannot find a replacement light bulb. It was sitting vacant for many years, but when I plugged in the cabinet the bulb actually worked. Now it has burnt out and I can’t seem to find a replacement bulb, I just returned from another search at Lowes. I wonder if they even make this bulb anymore? Does anyone know any information about the lighting that was used in this cabinet? I went to the Drexel customer service page but it said they are not replying to requests about lines that are currently not on their site. The bulb is a long round bulb and what I am able to still read on the bulb it says it is a General Electric, 60 W, 125 V. There are a few other words on there that have faded off… It seems all of the bulbs I found that looked similar have the prongs on the end, this bulb does not.

    • Tracee' says

      The bulbs for the K35 Buffet can be found. My electrician friend found them through one of his on line electrician sites for 75.00. It’s worth it because they last so long! I used mine on a set timer for hours every night.

  18. Tyler says

    I picked up what appears to be a children’s school desk today. It has legs similar to the large desks featured in the above catalogue and is stamped as being Drexel. Does anyone know if the Profile lineup extended into Drexels institutional and educational lines? I feel like I may have found a rare piece because I can’t find anything like it online. It is definitely the coolest child sized mid-century desk I have ever seen.

    • Janet says

      Hi Tyler, not knowing exactly what your piece looks like but they did make a piece called a writing desk, I believe. It is small and without the drawers on it. If you want to see a pic google “drexel profile writing desk worthpoint” on the web and look at the listing from the Worthpoint web-site. There is a picture of it there.

  19. Chris says

    My parents left me the Drexel Profile K92 cocktail table and two (2) K76 End Chests with very heavy travertine tops. Can anyone tell me what they are worth? I would like to sell them.

  20. Ellie says

    I have a 1965 Motorola stereo console in a Drexel cabinet. The cabinet is on casters. There are three cushions on top for seating. The right and left opens on top. Does anyone have a manual or other written info?
    I would appreciate any info you can share.


  21. Ken says

    The Drexel folks are so nice! My parents bought several pieces from their “Casa del Sol” collection in the late 1950s, and we’re still using them today. I contacted the company to ask what other pieces were in that particular line, and they scanned an original 26 page catalog and sent it to me in a .pdf file. Now, comes the fun part of tracking down other pieces for my collection!

  22. Kenny says

    I have the “step” tables and a “corner” table. I’m wanting a cocktail/coffee table, but the search has been fruitless thus far. I recently have seen other items that are NOT in the PDF above, one particular one I saw on Etsy recently is a surfboard coffee table that is two pieces and can become end tables. really cool.

  23. Diane says

    I would like to know how to treat scratches from my cat on my Profile dinning table. The pecan colored wood seems very soft. Also the chair seats appear to be the original leather in gray. Is the true do you think?

    • Bill Lukens says

      Yes, my sister has my parents dining table, the chairs have grey leather seats. Our set was bought in 1957.

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