Be Safe / Renovate Safe

vintage safety poster from mitzi of vintage goodness = happinessLead – in lots of places
Asbestos – in lots of places
Electrical Safety
Glass Safety
Window Treatment Cord Safety
Code issues
And more — I am not the Expert — Consult with a Professional!

Precautionary Pam with this critical reminder:

Renovating, remodeling and living in our midcentury and vintage homes can be gratifying, but please always remember, there can be safety and environmental hazards in the surfaces, layers, materials and products in our homes. Anything old, even New Old Stock, that you buy also may have issues. We all care very much about managing safety and environmental issues properly, so when moving into a home … when undertaking cleaning, repair, remodeling or restoration projects … or when adding old materials (salvaged, used, new old stock, etc.)… be sure to get with your own properly licensed professionals to determine what you are dealing with/working with so that you can make informed decisions how to handle, become familiar with and use recommended best practices, and also learn about the proper disposal of debris, etc.

There can be any number of environmental and/or safety issues in our old houses. Following is a list of some potential issues — but, do not consider this a comprehensive list, because I am not an expert in the continually developing area of environmental and safety hazards in the home:

Again: GET AND CONSULT WITH YOUR OWN PROPERLY LICENSED PROFESSIONALS to assess the materials in your house so that you can make informed decisions.

Thanks to Mitzi of Vintage Goodness fame for permission to feature her vintage safety poster, which was for sale (subsequently sold) on 


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