Toilets for a 50s retro bathroom

I could name every toilet at 100 yards, when I was in the market a few years ago. As with everything, I searched endlessly to find a model to replicate the original 50s toilets in my 3 bathrooms. Alas, most everything was “Victoriana on steroids.” Ultimately, I chose Kohler Wellworth, which was streamlined, simple & with good flush ratings(!) Update: This design of the the Wellworth is now discontinued — but I’ll keep this story and image up so that you can see the look that I was going for.

I am very happy. I ordered white, with a chrome handle, and white toilet seats also with chrome attachments. Also: “NO!” to one-piece or elongated, you must get “two-piece, round bowl.” And as I mentioned, this model has done well in testing, as there can be issues with these low flow models. I think Congress is considering the issue. I am serious!

There are other options out there – from Gerber and Toto – that also get good ratings and which have a similar, simple design. I approve.

Finally, if you’re doing a 60s bathroom retro renovation, the one piece elongateds fit fine in there. In fact, I love them as part of a suite of grey fixtures, as one example.

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