61 Mamie Pink Kitchens: “Two-tone” is the theme today

Our penultimate day of pink kitchens. I love that word, penultimate!

41. TGIF, it’s party time and these 1961 Hotpoint kitchen-goers are ready!


42. This 1955 Geneva kitchen is more sedate but setting the pace nonetheless.


43. Pink and yellow, what a spring-y combination. And, this seems like quite the 1957 groove pad! Note the wall-cabinet fridge, every ReRe reader’s favorite, it seems!:


44. Oops. Another formerly used Flashback Kitchen with the numbers stuck in it. But I had to show this pink-lavendar-blue combo. Lavendar for kitchens was promoted later in the 50s. It looks nice here, be clearly never caught on. I think there’s something fundamentally icky about purple+food, grapes and eggplant notwithstanding.


45. A 1952 Youngstown kitchen – you can see the rosy pink cabinet at the right, so this made the list.


46. Religious readers will recognize this amazing kitchen. You gotta give those Formica interior designers credit:


47. A 1955 St. Charles kitchen combining pink, aquamarine and birch (I believe.) Pretty snazzy:


48. An honorary pink kitchen: pink + classic birch plywood cabinets with a darkish stain:


49. Another (painted) pink and birch kitchen, from Coppes-Nappanee:


50. And another all-time favorite, a Dow Styron tile ad with a kitchen that I christen pink because of the wall cabinet refrigerator. Awesome kitchen!


  1. Sabrina says:

    My parents bought a model home in 1960 with a kitchen that included pickled white cabinets and gray countertops that had white and pink boomerang design. The GE appliances were pink. I still remember! So cool!

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