This week I made a major ebay score, which I am keeping my fingers crossed will work out. Plastic GESCO tiles for my kitchen backsplash. I’ve been on the lookout for more than a year, and these ‘white granite’ plastic tiles came up, in enough quantity — 100 s.f. — to do the job.

Looking at this photo to the left, I think it’s easy to see that the backsplash area, which is now just painted my custom linen-white-with-all-the-yellow-removed, needs something like this tile.

In my mind’s eye, I had been watching for ‘white marbleized’ plastic tiles – to pick up the “appliance white” of the fridge, table and chairs, and sink. But, I think these white granite tiles will be even better (which is why the decorating gods sent them, and Buy It Now, no less.) The colors should pick up the coppertones in the light fixture, the floor and the blinds. Also, I think the toned down shade of these tiles (rather than white white) will mean that the backsplash won’t JUMP OUT at you visually. Always a good thing, who wants a jumping backsplash? The package is now on the way. I’m holding my breath because if they are wrong, what the heck am I going to do with $65 worth of 1960s plastic tile?

If they look good – OMG, then I have a project on my hands! To tell the truth, I have been living vicariously through this blog all winter AVOIDING projects.

Now that it’s spring, though, I’m gettin’ the fever. The cat is out of the bag of desire (to throw in more, mixed metaphors), and here is my list so far:

  • A treehouse, not for my kid, for me
  • The attic, however, this will cost real money and will likely wait – forever.
  • Sew sheers for the living room/dining room windows (lots of big windows). A reader has now set the bar on this, she made herself pinch pleats. I am very competitive and know that I can do it, too. Also, I am way too cheap to pay the big bucks to farm this out. I LOVE the look of pinch pleat sheers under pinch pleat draperies. The sun dappling through, and the wind wafting them in the breeze. This will look Fabulous in my house, I really need to do it, and it will be very functional, too, as my big windows face west.
  • Finish “cutting in” several ceilings that I painted…a while ago. In the living room (3 years on the list). And in the guest room (same).
  • Oh yeah, and the windows in the LR that have not been painted to match the rest of the trim, for…6 years now? Oh yeah, and the curtains need to be hemmed… 6 years. It is very very bad feng shui not to finish the things on your list.
  • Put in the fence posts and rails behind the basketball hoop
  • And, shutters on the front of the house paired with the great Acorn shutter dogs I bought for a song at Re-Store last fall.

Hey. That’s not too bad a list really, is it? Sans the attic and treehouse, very manageable. Oh yeah. The plastic tiles. How in the heck do you install plastic tiles? I need a cutter hoobley. And mastic or something. Argh. Why do I get myself into these things?

  1. Ronn says:


    If you’re interested, I have lots of mint condition (in boxes) plastic tiles in various colors from the 50’s.

    Ronn at FUTURES Antiques

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