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Thanks to Femme1 for obtaining a first solid dose of info and history on the Drexel Profile line – including this complete 1960 catalog, courtesy of the excellent customer service at Drexel Heritage.  I’ve now started a stand-alone page on the line, which you can check out anytime.

Click thru here for info on the designer John Van Koert and a 23-photo catalog from 1960…and check back on the Profile Page anytime for future updates.Drexel Profile:

The Drexel Profile furniture collection was designed by John Van Koert, and it was in production from 1955 to 1961. Van Koert started out as a jewelry designer for Harry Winston after WWII and later branched into industrial design. He also is well known for designing silver for Towle, particularly the Contour design; his particular attention to the drawer pulls and other hardware on Profile pieces is noted in the catalog.  Femme1 owns the walnut dining table and chairs #K40, and the round extension table, with #K62, the side chairs.

Tip: Click on an actual thumbnail – it will open quite large, and you can continue the slide show from there.

1960 catalog – complete:

  1. SJ How says:

    Hello There
    I own – and proudly use – my late parents walnut Drexel Heritage Profile bedroom set (pr of twin size bookcase headboards [K20/21 are simalar], *two* men’s 6 drawer chests [K11], women’s 8-drawer dresser & mirror [K4].
    I am searching for *one* night stand – or perhaps a living room sofa side table. I’m in the NE MA/SE NH area, but am willing to drive – or pay for shipping – for something that fits my needs & budget.
    If you have, know of, or can suggest locations to search (I’ve got some searches going, but nothing yet), I would be eternally grateful if you would share them with me.
    Best regards,

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi SJ, what a lovely set you have! It sounds like you’re doing the best you can — yes, put out those searches. At this point in time I’d suggest searches on ebay, craigslist (try aggregator like searchtempest to enlarge your reach), facebook marketplace, and plain out Google Alerts… Good luck.

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