A notary public sign and vintage tablecloth – Michael’s entries


Missouri Michael packs a 1-2 punch with 2 entries into our Found Objects…Found Art contest. michael-tablecloth

Michael writes:


After reading about your contest, two things immediately came to mind that I would like to submit.  I was pleased to see that you stated in a comment that we may submit two items!  My items don’t make me think or wonder about the original owners; but they do make me think about family members,even though these are not family pieces.

The first thing is a Notary Public desk plaque – I picked this up from a neighbor’s garage sale for a quarter.  It reminds me of my grandfather (mother’s side) who was a Notary Public in his younger days.  After he passed away nine years ago we ran across his old embossing seal in a box of stuff, and when I found this plaque that seal came to mind.  My grandfather was an auto mechanic for many years and then became Service Manager of the shop at the local Chevrolet dealership in 1970.  I like to think that he probably had a plaque or sign that was similar to this that he kept on his desk in his office.

The second item that I have is a vintage tablecloth – something no mid-century home should be without!  I have several of these that I have picked up over the years, but this one is my favorite.  These always make me think of my grandma (father’s side).  She lived on the family farm and I can always remember going to visit her on Saturday’s when I was growing up.  There were always clothes on the line drying in the sun, freshly baked peanut butter cookies in the cookie jar, a tablecloth similar to this on the kitchen table, and sometimes bread and rolls on the roof of her car covered in tea towels rising in the warm morning sunshine.  I can still see these things in my mind as if it were only yesterday, and my grandma passed away in 1996.  My grandma (we called her Granny) never was a wealthy woman, but she was such a happy and loving person.  Finding a tablecloth like this always brings me back to those great Saturday’s of my childhood, and the warmth and love in that old farm house.  I wish that I knew whatever
happened to her tablecloths.

Isn’t it amazing how little items like these can bring back such great memories of family members that have been absent from our lives for so many years?

Thanks for such a great site Pam!

Michael – a.k.a. “Missouri Michael”