House hunting: The perfect mid century house in Portland, Oregon


A wonderful vintage Moen faucet. Linen laminate to die for. A Westinghouse appliance center. But maybe still not “flamboyant” enough for Tim, a longtime reader who now works at Rejuvenation – parent company of Satellite, our contest sponsor. He’s house hunting…and has sent some pictures. Tim, I will not push you. Hold out for the house that makes you jump up and down in the foyer. And first and foremost: Location location location – it’s true.


Tim writes:

Hi Pam-

Hope I’m not being a pest by sending too much stuff.  Here a few sightings from this past weekend’s home search.  The items found in a 1960 house in Portland.  The appliance timer is something I have never seen before.  It has two regular outlets and two retractable cords with special plugs- presumably for 1960 Westinghouse appliances.  The Moen faucet is unusual in that I think lever style for lav would have been fairly uncommon in 1960… and they are virtually like new.  The twin cooktops with front controls are uncommon as far as I know.  Matching oven is fairly flashy. The house itself is okay but not especially flamboyant… possibly a contender.

Tim / Rejuvenation



  1. Ed says:

    Just wanted to say I love the website. I recently moved into a small tract house built in 1940, but remodeled in the “Symphony in Beige” style. I’m renting, so I’m thinking area rugs and a couple era correct shelving units/hutches to accent the walls. Starting from scratch on the furniture, so I’m definitely keeping era appropriate designs in mind. Thanks for the great reference material!

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