Keepsakes from our mother-in-law — Renee’s entry

renees-husband-and-mil-collectionIt is very interesting, that we have a number of contest entries from the homes of our mothers-in-law. Here’s Renee aka Vacation Barbie’s.

She writes:


Hi Pam,

Both of my entries were ‘found’ while cleaning out my Mother-In-Law’s home last year.

The pop bottles were in a huge box of ‘saved’ aluminum beer cans that she and my husband collected from the 1960’s and 70’s.  I have them on a plant stand in my living room as an interesting vignette.  The second item is a shadow box with a combination of ‘found’ items.  My MIL’s home sits at the end of the Fresno Air Terminal.   Way back in the 1960’s it wasn’t fenced and you could walk over to the end of the runway and watch the planes take off.  Attached to the airport is the Fresno Air National Guard and before they expanded the airport, it had old, abandoned Quonset huts from WWII…perfect for a 10  year old boy to explore.  My husband found several things, but in this collection it’s the oblong cylinder, used to hold matches and the harmonicas.  The lighters were his Dad’s, all found in the dresser drawers of his Mom’s house, and the amber knob is the Brody knob off his first truck.  If you don’t know what a Brody knob is…look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brody_knob

I didn’t know what do do with such a wide variety of ‘stuff’ and the creative side of me didn’t want to toss it in a box.  I found the shadow box on clearance at Marshall’s, took out the ugly, fake, minature Chinese porcelain pieces inside….repainted and viola….found art!

Renee aka VacationBarbie