A child’s toy lost behind the aqua dryer – Shawna’s contest entry


Shawna’s entry in our Found Objects Found Art contest:

She writes:

Hi Pam,

Growing up, I can remember passing the sprawling brick ranch in our small town, and thinking it was such a wonderful home.  Well, this past spring my husband and I bought that house, and we moved back to my hometown. Much of the house is very much as it was 50 years ago, including the turquoise colored dryer residing in the basement.  As adorable as the dryer is, it seems to only have the capacity to manage a few pairs of socks at a time, a less than ideal situation for a family with a toddler. We found this battered little plastic lion puzzle block while removing the dryer.  It instantly made me smile as I pictured a little boy, similar to my own, playing blocks on the rug next to the dryer as the laundry was being folded.  The block now has a home in my kitchen cabinet, where it continues to make me smile.

If anyone in Iowa would like a turquoise colored Maytag dryer…we’ve got one in need of a home!