1,000 posts – a milestone reached today. To celebrate, one of my favorite photos ever of my kitchen – from Will Wendt. Thanks, Will, for letting me feature this. And thanks to all readers for your awesome incredible fantastic support and community. This is way fun.

  1. PugFreek says:

    Happy 1,000th post to you!
    Happy 1,000th post to you!
    Happy 1,000th post Retro Renovation!
    Happy 1,000th post to you!

  2. sumacsue says:

    Congratulations! I’m glad to see your wallpaper up close. I had assumed it was an atomic print, but, I see it is more colonial. That’s a good way to tie your mod kitchen in with your more colonial house. Love the rooster in the suit — he’s like Foghorn Leghorn, one of my favorite cartoon characters from the 60s! Also, I love green glass. Are those candle holders?

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi sumacsue, the wallpaper also has little gold flecks in it, it’s neat. I like how it’s just “strong enough” to complement all those aqua cabinets. The rooster is a leftover from my country days…I like the homey touch. And yes, I think those are candle holders. Although the olive coloring on the glass flakes right off it you touch them – so I don’t. I liked bringing the avocado green into the kitchen!

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