More wacky and wonderful bedrooms from the Madonna Inn


In my initial post about the Madonna Inn – the iconic 50s motel in St. Luis Obispo, Calif. – I showed five viva Las Vegas rooms. Today – some simply wonderful, kitschy rooms that throw in waterwheels, Flintstones fever, and lots of horsing around. Above is the “Old Mill Room” – I love its coral, chartreuse and teal mashup of color, not to mention the hot pink miniature mills. Now who thought of that?

Let’s always remember to: Not take ourselves too seriously with this decorating stuff… Click through for six more great vintage style bedrooms.


I think that Fred and Wilma Flintstone go in “The Caveman Room” (above). It matches Wilma’s hair.


Barney and Betty go in “The Jungle Rock Room” (above.)  Zebra stripes look good against aqua, don’t you think?


The “Country Living Room” above is not a wild and crazy room at all – and it looks like you could live in this space and never leave it. I love the copper hood over the fireplace.


The first of three horse-themed rooms. I love the bordello quality of this space above, “The Tack Room.”


Notice the light fixtures in the “Pony Room” above: A round disco-y ball at the far left, a mini wagon-wheel (?) hanging in the ceiling, and two colonial lantern sconces flanking the bed in the foreground.


Not sure about sleeping under a pony here in “The Chestnut Foal Room,” our last eye candy for today. I think that qualifies as bad feng shui….but these folks definitely always get points for decorative imagination. Love the scalloped/painted trim around the front door (far right).

Thanks to  Susie and Peggy at the Madonna Inn for their help with this post and more inspiring bedroom images still to come. Here’s the link to the Madonna Inn – be sure to visit if you’re in the area!

  1. Nancy PeBenito says:

    Way over the top! I went to college at Cal Poly SLO so many visits to the Madonna Inn which included mandatory visit to the Men’s bathroom to see the large waterfall used as a urinal. Always a good chuckle.

  2. Amy in Sacramento says:

    Wow! My 19 yo goes to school near SLO — we’ll have to mosey on down to the Madonna Inn while she is there! While pulling old painted paneling off of the walls in our master bedroom we got a huge surprise: an entire wall is covered with a photographic mural of a beach! I’m SO keeping it!!! I plan to decorate the rest of the room around that mural.

  3. Fun to see my town featured on your blog. Yep, the Madonna Inn is a landmark! If your readers are in San Luis Obispo (SLO) tell them to stop by Baileyana Winery (www.baileyana.com), located in the historic Independence Schoolhouse built in 1909. Sorry, shameless plug on my part, I’m the wineclub coordinator there. Love your blog!

  4. Sara says:

    I sure hope the “chestnut foal” is well attached…I’d hate to be sleeping under him during an earthquake! We’ve been to SLO a gazillion times but have never made it to the Madonna. My friends stayed in the Caveman Room on their honeymoon and said it was unforgettable for sure!

  5. Pat Gaylor says:

    I’ve slept in the rock room and the water wheel room…such a great spot! After you get finished laughing yourself silly when you check in, the grounds are gorgeous, and the coffee shop is great. EVERYTHING is a hot pink, waitresses wear pink uniforms and aprons. They make gorgeous pink layer cakes and they’re put in lovely pink boxes and tied with pink string…wish I was there now ! If you ever get a change to go, DO IT, you won’t regret it

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