Antiques in the Berkshires – midcentury treasure hunt


If you are looking for antiques in the Berkshires… and want to find some great midcentury stuff… be sure to stop at Berkshire County Used Furniture on 4th Street in Pittsfield. My friend Ron — who helped me get the kitchen cabinets out of Gotham — runs this treasure trove. Ron empties out houses ’round the clock, it seems. He takes everything — so you never know what you will find at his store. I swear, if I were doing another kitchen, I would for sure buy up these avocado green GE appliances — they were in fantastic shape.  Read on for 13 photos in all… including an 40s  Kenmore washing machine… and a Witco tiki throne.

Click the photos twice to get to their largest size.

  1. Zak says:

    what is the stove year and model in the last pic? I know its a GE looks like a P7, do you know what year? I have one that Im renovating my kitchen around!

  2. natschultz says:

    Ooh, I just realized that my brother invited us to join him and his girlfriend’s family on their annual “luxury camping trip” (whatever that means) in Portsmouth, NH. I said “No way!” but maybe now I’ll reconsider! I can go MCM shopping while they go lobster trapping!

  3. natschultz says:

    Where is Pittsfield, NH? You say the Berkshires, but isn’t that in MASS? The Berkshires (MASS) aren’t too far from NYC (we used to do day-trip skiing there), but I thought NH was the White Mountains.

    As a New Yorker, I must say that EVERYTING costs at least 50% more within communting distance of NYC than it does anywhere else. It sucks! I can actually purchase to-die-for vintage Danish Modern furniture shipped from Denmark to CA for less than I can get a not-as-awesome piece here (and to think that furniture probably stopped at JFK along the way!).
    Not that I have actually purchased these pieces, but just saying 😉 I probably would if they didn’t have to be shipped back here!

    I’m considering a nice steel kitchen way way way Upstate, NY, and I just realized that it is actually as far a drive as it is to get to Maine or even Florida!

    I think I’ll soon be doing an out-of NY road trip! Lower taxes, too!

  4. carole holiday says:

    This is a GREAT place to buy good inexpensive things. We bought a sofa and chair and had next day delivery!! Love the nice clean items. Better service than if I bought at ten times the price. AAA+

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