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  1. Sara in WA says:

    Asymmetry always for me. Balanced but not the same. Maybe it comes from my landscaping background.

  2. Femme1 says:

    Being a book designer (as part of my editorial job), I have to pick asymmetry. Nothing I hate worse than centered type on a page! (Well, I guess there ARE things I hate worse than that…sorry for the hyperbole.)

    I also think of mid-century modern design as asymmetric—and my house is decorated with angles and off-centered objects. None of my sofas sit straight against a wall!

  3. Kristin says:

    I chose asymmetry–I’m always drawn to it and it has helped to discover diagonal placement of bigger pieces to “expand” the space of a small living room in our mini-ranch! As Femme1 says, no sofa straight against a wall. Ours is diagonal from the back left angled toward the right front. Along the back are the three massive front and windows and then on the right, the wraparound side porch window. We can easily look outside and into our inside simultaneously.

  4. Nigel says:

    Symmetry is an illusion. Balanced asymmetry makes for good design, good living spaces (architecture and gardens), relaxation and tranquility.I think more people need to learn about Wabi Sabi.

  5. Brenny says:

    Asymmetry for me also. Give me good angles and a bit of balanced “offness” and I’m good to go. Nothing lined up or all one shape.

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