reproduction-midcentury-lighting-from-rejuvenationDo you have a project that could use $1,000 in Rejuvenation midcentury lighting? Here’s your chance — the company is running a contest all this month. Contestants must submit a short description of their renovation stories along with a few photos. Then, the world votes on a short list of finalists in May. Your interior does not have to include Rejuvenation products. Take a look — and if one of our readers makes the cut, we can be sure to give them our votes and help them win!

  1. 50s Pam says:

    Hey Gretchen and At The Lounge, I’ll do a post this weekend with direct links to your entries so that we can power up some retro-renovation-clan voting for our two reader entries!

  2. Gretchen S. says:

    I love your kitchen, At The Lounge With Les Baxter! We have lots of competition (about 100 entries). Not many mid-century entries but some wonderful renovation examples.

    Thanks again for posting, Pam.

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