large round thayer coggin sofa

WHY DID SOFAS GET SO BIG? I do not know. But you have to admit these supersized sofas are statement-makers. And that’s before we even get to — upholstery. This 1972 wonder belongs to Lynne’s Lens, a flickr friend. She bought it 10 years ago from a house with purple shag carpet and Peter Max wallpaper. It had two more pieces that made it *too big* for her house and she gave them to a friend. Mr. Retro Renovation loves this sofa.


Of course we’ve seen some other supersized sofas before, as part of conversation pits. Remember Leslie’s kitschy dreamboat time capsule? Hi Leslie, how are you doing! Buy any Moss lamps lately? Hmmm. I guess this isn’t an entire sofa, but you’re on the homepage again anyway because this is so in the spirit.


  1. desertnana says:

    fantastic article and oh talk about comfy and cool entertaining!
    LOOOOVe your blog!

  2. bombshell says:

    after living in philadelphia, where the idea of trying to fit ANY of these sofas into the average row home would be impossible, it’s refreshing to see such fun sofas!! Even my MCM friends back in Philly were forced into buying the ikea one piece in order to fit a sofa through the sometimes 24″ stairwells…

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