1962-pink-and-green-bathroomThere’s more to come in my series of vintage Hall-Mack bathroom hardware. But a pause here for some bathroom illustrations  featured in the 1962 catalog. There are some really great ideas in these six mid-century bathrooms. Above: One of our favorite sink and vanity base combos, the American-Standard introduced in 1959. I think a reader just wrote to tell me that he or she had the sink in just this color. It’s terrific. And what about that fabulous toilet.


Look look look. The American-Vanity — longer. I have never seen this. I adore it! Also, I need to do more on yellow bathrooms, this is a wonderful color for a bathroom. This is a wonderful bathroom design in so many ways.


Very sophisticated. If you want a solid surface sink – Carrera Marble is authentic vintage. Note, I am told you must keep it well sealed, marble requires maintenance. Alternatively, there is a least one company that makes a Carrera Marble laminate.


These blue tile colors are available today, I believe.


I love the orientation of the tile in the tub surround. I am not sure you can get 1″x4″ tiles today. But you can get 1″x2″s in sheets and run them vertically like this….


The cover shot for my catalog. Note the greek motif on the bath mat. As we’ve seen and discussed before, Greek and Roman motifs really started to take off in the 60s.

  1. Jessica says:

    I have a blue version of the wall mounted yellow toilet in the picture above. Unfortunately, the seat has cracked. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement seat?

  2. Richard Reid says:

    If I sent you a floor-plan of my current (circa 1959) guest bath, could you suggest some modernizing plans that keep the original character, but make more efficient use of space ?

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