American standard Gracelynn sink white vanity pink sink
1962 American Standard Gracelyn sink with original vanity. From the MBJ Collection/Building Techology Heritage Library.

ES, I AM OBSESSED with this sink. I have one — in white, although I also love this icy gray — in my garage on hold for my tiny, storage-challenged master bath; I am waiting to see if the retro decorating gods also send me the vanity. Meanwhile, I have finally learned its official name: It’s the Gracelynn Cabinet-Lavatory.  The toilet: The lovely Carlyle. You know it is one of my life goals to be able to name every midcentury toilet and sink on sight.

Final note, I believe this sink was introduced in ’59.

  1. scs3000 says:

    Just scored matching sink, tub, and commode in BLUE today in perfect condition from a local renovation! How long did it take me to ID these? ONE MINUTE on retrorenovation! THANK YOU Pam, Kate and all!

  2. Celeste says:

    I found this vanity sitting in the basement of the house we just bought (with no legs), and the matching white tub behind the shed (even had flower anti slip stick ons) Looking for the sink top to install everything in a gutted bathroom.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Start watching craigslist like a hawk. Also your local ReStores. I am in Western Mass and have one – contact me if you are near. Pickup only.

  3. Michele says:

    I have this sink and vanity, plus matching toilet and tub in Ming Green by American Standard. kept them in place and renovated around them with white subway tile and border tile in matching color. Also have the mirror (cant remember the name right now) that was THE bathroom fixture of the day. Looks beautiful.

    1. Lisa Compo says:

      Oh, I bet that looks just beautiful. To me…it’s still THE fixture. I still really want one, even though I don’t have a need or space. I could just visit it in storage in the basement LOL…just knowing I had one would bring silly joy for a “someday” use. 🙂

  4. I just purchased one of these sinks in Pink off of Craigslist. The sink is good but missing its stopper (the original owner is looking for it). The cabinet is in need of tlc with chips to the veneer, a broken metal trim piece, and is lacking its interior shelves and original back. A bit of a project but it would look nice restored.

    1. Lisa Compo says:

      Oh..lucky find. 🙂 I had one all set up on Ebay and the seller wouldn’t help me get it shipped to me…I was so upset. Anyway, I hope you can restore it to it’s former beauty. My Grandmother had one in her powder room and I am looking for one for a house we want to build. Have fun with your project. If you ever want to sell her…let me know 😉

  5. Pat Scalione says:

    I have this sink and vanity…so great to finally identify it. Now we are remodeling, and I would love to find a new home for it…any ideas?

  6. tabathajean says:

    I am searching for a toilet tank lid for my “April 11, 1955” grey toilet, which I think is American Standard, since that is the only brand of seat which will fit on its rounded bowl. I don’t have the original lid, but the stamp inside the tank reads the date and the numbers 7 24. Any ideas as to where to find a replacement lid?

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