1959-housewifeHOW ARE YOUR SUMMER PROJECTS GOING, readers? What are you getting done? What do you fear will never get done? Me, hopeless. Wrote a check for some new landscaping work, but other than that, too busy with work, the blog, visitors, the usual. And all you lurkers, make my day and leave a comment, for gosh sakes.

  1. PerfectCircle says:

    Okay, I have a few pictures posted if anyone is interested. I also hope to scan a magazine article about renovating a 1940’s kitchen which was my original inspiration at least 7 years ago. There have been some great questions/posts here about metal cabinets; I am so glad I am not alone in appreciating them! Pam, thank you again for this site; it’s quite a support system and I can tell I will be checking in with questions of my own as our project gets underway.

  2. babyboomer says:

    I am a new lurker. While I do not collect or decorate in the mid-century style, I appreciate the cleanness of the look and try to emulate it in my decor.

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