So what are you doing this weekend? Mick most likely is entertaining friends at his Flamingo Drive-In, the amazing backyard theater that he created behind his 1943 cabin. Ain’t got no plasma, ain’t got no hot tub — just good old-fashioned lawn chairs, a projector and click on through to see a little classic Hollywood glamour, too…


Mick writes:

Hey Pam!

I was wondering, what are your feelings on 1950’s fountain side tables? Any idea where or who come up with the idea?


I’ve also attached a picture of the Home Theater I’ve built in back of my 1943 Cabin…


So of course, I ask Mick to send more. He tells us:


The back yard strays from traditional 1940’s and is a summer tribute to the 1950’s.


I LOVE the vintage lawn chairs and have 26 vintage pieces, the oldest being from 1929, and one chair legended to have come from the 1931 Worlds Fair in France! If you’d like more picture of the Drive-In let me know!



Wow, Mick, that it really something. I am really impressed. Regarding your question about fountain tables. I am not sure what that refers to. Like, those things that hung onto car doors at the drive-in, maybe? In all the excitement about your backyard drive-in, I forgot to ask you clarify… Thanks for sharing these great photos!

  1. Mickey says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments! Im so thrilled Pam (K) made a post about The Flamingo Drive-In (The worlds smallest Drive-in movie theater) . Like My friend Pam (A) said If your ever in North Texas drop on by, we’d love to have you for dinner and a movie! Thanks again

    -Mickey Jordan- of The Flamingo Drive-In Theater

  2. Pamela says:

    Hey Mickey! I just got your e-mail about the Drive-In being famous!
    To everyone who has responded, Thanks for the comments! I am sure Mickey is appreciating them.
    I, myself really do enjoy watching movies out here and just having fun in general. We usually eat hot dogs and hamburgers (due to Mick having a fire pit), but now we’re expanding to greater things now that Mickey has purchased a BEAST of a stove!
    If you’re ever in Texas, we’d love to have you stop by and see a flick!
    And if we know you’re coming, we’ll back a cake!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi, Pamela, and thank you for the howdy do from Texas. We will for sure visit if/when – hey, you go on the list of potential Retro Renovation convention sites. Meanwhile, please sent our thanks to Mick for all the inspiration, and send us pics when you get your next updates in place.

  3. Michael says:

    Very cool! We made a screen out of fabric that is used as curtain backing. Works well but really can’t leave it up. What did you use to make yours? I’m guessing Plywood painted white would work fine.

  4. Susie says:

    Awesome! I’m so jealous. We are enthralled with the idea of having a personal drive-in. We had our version of one at our Halloween party last year with a store-bought projector, but this has given me major inspiration for a more permanent drive-in within our backyard! Pink Flamingo…what a perfect name. I might have to steal that if our drive-in ever comes to fruition. Kudos, for sure!

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