Bedspreads for your mid century bedroom


In my view, the most difficult part of “doing” a mid-century bedroom “right” is the bedspread. This week we will talk about the other stuff — the furniture, the windows, the rug, the paint and wallpaper, the lamps, the accessories and good feng shui. But, the bedspread is the hardest, because I don’t think the choices are very abundant. #1 on my list: Buy vintage, if you can find the style/quality/size/cootie-free design you want. Above: Bates’ Martha’s Choice bedspread from the Bates Mill Store.


#1: Vermont Country Store — which has the greatest variety of choices, although they tend to the “colonial” or “kitsch” although you know I have no problem with kitsch. Their plisse, seersucker, gingham and rib cord (made by Bates, it appears) – perfect for the postwar era.


#2: Bates — The online Bates Mill Store sells traditional Bates bedspreads direct. We all had these, they’ve been ubiquitous since the 50s. A number of Vermont Country Stores’ bedspreads seem to come from Bates. And, I *think* I’m seeing that prices are significantly better straight from Bates: Take time to compare.


Where to find these retro bed spreads:

  1. Jen says:

    We were actually looking at matelasse, since it’s what I recall my grandparents and great-grandparents having…But how does it do with pet hair? Not only do we have 2 cats, we have a very furry collie…

    I will second Penney’s, usually their stuff is of good quality.

  2. nina462 says:

    As I mentioned on another blog…my blue quilted bed set was from Steinmart. Luxurious & oh so retro.
    I also have picked up the colonial style & a chenille at garage sales. You might also check Salvation army stores as I’ve seen them there.
    The only thing with that colonial bedspread is it’s very, very heavy (especially if you’ve just washed it & it’s wet).
    Oh…and the marks it makes on your face if you take a nap!

  3. Maggie says:

    The LinenSource catalog has some very nice, simple chenille bedspreads at reasonable prices. I bought one a few years ago for around $50 and was very happy with the quality of it.

    A selection of their chenilles:

    For a nice clean midcentury look, I really like the rib cords. There’s a seller on eBay who has a good selection of them (new old stock) they bought when the original Fieldcrest mills closed in North Carolina. I’ll look them up and post their eBay store URL here.

  4. Retrocat says:

    My parents had the exact same white fringed Bates bedspread on their bed for many years. Whenever you would lie on it, it would make impressions on your skin. We used to call it ‘bedspread disease’. Thanks for the memories!

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