I think that our readers in Eichler homes and other mid-century modern homes will like this bedroom. This design is from 1954. The slate blue and orange color combination is stunning, and the “simplicity” of the design is so elegant and yet, comfortable.


Notice all the Asian touches…there’s a mid-century modern horse…George Nelson bubble lamps…and even a monsterosa deliciosa.This room also shows how judicious use of paint can make for an interesting design — by that I mean, notice where they use the blue, then the white, then the blue again, to accentuate the different wall spaces.


And, look closely, and you will see the bed is actually set against a panel wall. Like: There’s a desk — and a bar! — on the other side of that wall!


This is another in my treasured collection of vintage Armstrong flooring ads from Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn, Inc. advertising comps.

If you just can’t get ENOUGH this blog,  you will love our anointed “bibles” — compilations of Armstrong ads from the 50s and 60s. See ’em the link below, or they are always there in my Pamazon store of favorite books:

And, here’s the ad text from today’s bedroom, for those studying for their Retro Renovation Ph.D’s along with me:


  1. Mick says:

    It always seems like in the 50’s people think of either Early American, Asian, or Midcentury modern as Hokey… Iv always adored the movie “Auntie Mame” With Jane Russell in it, and the cunning way she makes fun of the “Upson’s” family home, where they have gone Early American Crazy! IM more of a fan of the “mid-century-dominated by Eams & H.G. Miller” type… Every time I go to an estate sale I think “Wow that was someones wedding present, or I bet they saved up a years salary for that davenport…” and that Just makes me love the peices More! I have totally got off Track and can nolonger remember where i was going with this!!!!

    Once Again, Great post Pam!

  2. Fiona - Notorious Kitsch says:

    I love this bedroom, and I’ve always loved my Inspiring Interiors from the 50s book, I drool over the interiors and dream one day I’ll be able to make one of them come true!!

  3. troysf says:

    I’ve been seeing that orange and muted turquoise color combo in a lot of vintage interior photos. Nice! The orange is easy to source, but I’ve been doing the paint swatch tango in an attempt to find that turquoise – all the colors I’m finding tend to be too bright and saturated. Has anyone had any luck finding this color (preferably in Benjamin Moore)???

  4. pam kueber says:

    Hi Troy. For the new bedroom? 🙂 I would think BM could do this color…have you looked at their Historic palette? Those tend to be grayed out….

  5. madsarah says:

    I cannot say how much I love this room. The colors, design, everything. I love the cute Asian-inspired yarn holder, too!

    I agree about Benjamin Moore having a color like this. I just did my living room in something called Van Deusen Blue that is a little darker, but similarly dull. There were a lot of others like it in their line.

  6. Judith Hall says:

    I covet this FABU turquoise with orange accent bedroom!!!! Oh would I love to have this for our bedroom, which still remains the smallish square, off white walled room that is original to our 60 yr old raised ranch.

  7. retroActive says:

    Just found this one, looking back at some older posts. I adooore this bedroom, it is so ME! I love that colour combo! And I have always loved George Nelson, love the bubble lamps hanging on either side. Amazing how contemporary this bedroom looks — I’ve seen recent furniture with that same kind of base. And the bed reminds me of a lot of platform beds.

    Great post!

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