mid-century-style-flooring-from-amticoCindy’s new kitchen and dining room floor is perfect for her mid-century modern home — and is a great solution for other renovators to consider. Cindy reports that her floor is Amtico Limestone Cotswold with Concrete Pale stripping (I will call them “weld rods.”) Amtico: That’s resilient floor tile — man-made stuff — and very versatile and functional. Cindy’s Cotswold pattern is now gone from the Amtico website, but have no fear, the company offers a good selection of other floor tiles with limestone or marble designs. 

A couple of points on how and why Cindy’s design is so terrific:

  1. These 18″ tiles are a good scale for her open-concept floor plan.
  2. Notice carefully how the tiles were laid – I’m sure there’s a word for this kind of layout – (help, anyone?).
  3. Within each column, the tiels are at 90-degrees to each other.
  4. And last, the limestone design adds subtle pattern which is punctuated by that concrete weld rod. A great way to manage this large space.

One warning: Cindy says that the contractor may have used too much adhesive, because it bubbles up along those “grout/weld rod” lines and makes them hard to clean.

Thanks again, Cindy – you give me endless material for the blog – and terrific, proven ideas for other renovators of 50s, 60s and 70s homes.

  1. pam kueber says:

    Sound terrific, Kiersten! I’d love to see before-and-after photos when you are ready for prime time!

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