vintage-christmas-ornaments-into-christmas-wreathOh my goodness, this Christmas wreath from Georgia Peachez makes me happy happy happy. Drats. I know what (else) I’ll be hoarding from estate sales and thrift shops this year. Beautiful work, Suzy.

  1. Kathy Heimann says:

    Suzy, I see a lot of Georgia Peachez “knock-off” wreaths, mine included. Just to let you know, I can always pick yours out of a line-up. Yours have that special GP touch that none of the rest of us can quite capture~ Love, love, see your new creations and revisit the old ones~

  2. Anna says:

    Did you glue the ornaments on low heat glue..I have almost everything for this wreath..from the pixie to the houses and a lot of ornaments…LOVE it??I am going to make one this fall yahhhhh

  3. JenniferBuckeye says:

    Perhaps Georgia Peachez would be so kind as to give us a “How-To” so that we can make one ourselves? I’ve been accumulating old Christmas bulbs from garage sales and such so this would be a perfect way to use them.

  4. judy says:

    I want this wreath in MY house NOW!! Guess I could try to shop the various ornaments on ebay and try to put a similar one together, but, OH…imagine the time and the bidding and the frustration. No, I just want this one.

  5. lorib says:

    I have the same exact little blue Christmas house. It’s a set that was my grandmothers. My set also has a red church, and a little white house. It was from either the late 40’s or early 50’s. I love your wreath!

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