My love is bigger than a Honda, honey, it’s bigger that a Subaru

MY SINCERE THANKS to all the readers who helped Retro Renovation capture 4th place in Apartment Therapy’s contest to name the favorite home-design blog of 2009.  A little over a week ago, it was a nail-biting finish to get into the finals. Were we in 7th – out? Or 6th – in? Woah. You kept voting right up to the last-minute and pushed us into the top 6 out of more than 600 blogs listed. Then this week, you kept the pedal to the mid-century metal and brought home more than 400 votes and 4th place. That’s a fantastic finish — and wonderful visibility for mid-century *modern* and *modest* alike. Hmmm. Why do I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good year? 🙂 Congratulations to the Homies winner, Remodelista, and to the other finalists, who clearly are having a blast sharing their passion, as well. To help us celebrate: My main man, and hardest-working guy in rock ‘n roll, circa 1985. Oh my. xoxo

  1. magnarama says:

    I suppose that for a specialized niche like this blog covers, coming in 4th out of all the shelter blogs out there is actually pretty remarkable, and certainly a vindication of the design ethic we all prize. This makes me very happy!

    Still — and I certainly don’t mean this to come off as sour grapes — the winning blog looks to me to be merely a shopping aggregator, I don’t think that’s a fair comparison, considering the amount of research work you (and the other nominees) put into creating original work, Pam. It’s like comparing a piece of original investigative journalism to an article that’s merely regurgitated from the Associated Press. And I’m going to send a letter to Apartment Therapy pointing out what I consider this flaw in their nomination process.

    On a more positive note, my very favorite home cooking blog did win in its category, so I’m happy about that too.

  2. Tikimama says:

    Way to go Pam! What an honor and validation for all the hard work you do. I will echo the sentiments of the others and say that You’re My Number ONE!
    Believe it or not, I couldn’t stand Bruce in the 80’s – I was all about British pop. Now, I just love him, and this video is HOT!

  3. Fiona - Notorious Kitsch says:

    YAY well done Pam, but as others have said you are No1 in my book!

    Here’s to a good year :o)

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